print in

print (something) in (something else)

1. To write something in print letters (characters similar to those created by mechanical printers or word processors), as opposed to cursive (also known as script or longhand), in a particular space or area. Please print your answers in the boxes provided in your test booklets. Be sure to print your name and address in the blank lines on page one.
2. To include something in a physical publication. They're printing my work in their anthology of American short stories! I'm planning on printing the blog posts in a 200-page collection at some point this year.
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print something in something

1. to make block letters in a specific location on a paper. Please print your name in the box. Would you please print the information in the space provided?
2. to publish something in a publication. They printed my letter in today's paper. Her stories have been printed in several magazines.
See also: print
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However, if you do add color to your spreadsheet and you typically print on a machine that can print in color, the output ways will be in color.