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Patented LinearSet print-deck system utilizes linear encoders in place of ball screws to assure accurate positioning of anilox rollers and print cylinders and fast, precise movement of the print deck.
Then they complained the printers were too fast--there was so much material being printed that students couldn't find their print jobs.
to create and produce on-demand print services for its 401(k) plan participant enrollment materials for small and mid-sized employers.
In "Orlando di Lasso, Composer and Print Entrepreneur," James Haar continues his investigations into di Lasso's life and works, this time exploring the composer's connections with printers of his music in the Low Countries, Italy, France, and Germany.
Print Manager Plus supports SQL, Access, and ODBC compliant databases.
Crucial fingerprint evidence linking the perpetrator to the victim must be right there, but, until recently, attempts to retrieve those prints rarely met with success.
says an increasing demand for information, coupled with production economies achieved by desktop publishing and other new technologies, has brought a boom to the print industry.
Label printers and printer applicators in direct thermal and thermal transfer models for barcode labeling applications print on pressure-sensitive labels with printing speeds from 2-8 in.
By the year 2010, estimates show that offset volume may increase slightly as the total print market continues to expand, but its share of the market will have dropped to about 40%.
is not only about books per se: broadly speaking, it concerns the creation, dissemination, and reception of script and print, including newspapers, periodicals, and ephemera.
In 1991, the author conducted a lip print study, comparing the lip prints of 150 individuals, ranging in age from 4 to 85 years of age.
Automation, round print and other accessories available.