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be a princess

To be or be regarded as uppity, entitled, prissy, etc. Said of women. Of course Jo won't get in here and help us clean up—she's a real princess. She's probably out there filing her nails!
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fit for a princess

So excellent, luxurious, or exemplary as to be worthy of someone with the highest standards (such as a princess). Whoa, look at this gorgeous suite—it's fit for a princess! This spread is a feast fit for a princess!
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live like a princess

To have a luxurious lifestyle, in which one's every need or desire is satisfied. Typically said of or by a girl or young woman. Me and my girlfriends are taking a luxury cruise next month. We're going to live like princesses for two whole weeks!
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1. A term of endearment for a female, usually a young girl. Come here, princess. Let's read a bedtime story. A: "I don't care if you're 30 years old—you'll always be my little princess." B: "Oh, Dad."
2. A pejorative term for a woman seen as uppity, entitled, prissy, etc. You want to roll up your sleeves and help us here, princess? I'm sure manual labor isn't in your vocabulary, but we sure could use a hand. She always has to have every detail exactly how she wants it. She can be such a princess sometimes!
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