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the primrose path

A life of pleasure and leisure that results in a negative or detrimental outcome. Usually used in the phrase "lead (one) down the primrose path." After winning the lottery, Jake found himself surrounded by people trying to lead him down the primrose path for their own benefit.
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primrose path

Fig. earthly delights that come to an end. She led him down the primrose path until she got tired of him.
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the primrose path

the pursuit of pleasure, especially when it is seen to bring disastrous consequences.
The allusion here is to ‘the primrose path of dalliance’ to which Ophelia refers in Hamlet.
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the primrose ˈpath (to ruin, destruction, etc.)

(literary) an easy life that is full of pleasure but that causes you harm in the end: If we followed your advice we’d all be walking down the primrose path to ruin.This phrase comes from Shakespeare’s play Hamlet.
See also: path, primrose
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