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primp (oneself) up

to get dressed up; to fix oneself up by combing, brushing, adjusting, etc. Let me stop in the powder room and primp myself up a bit. I have to go in here and primp up.
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Melodi Harmon, founder of Primp and Blow, explained, "The Primp and Blow franchise offering enables individuals to provide affordable luxury, without compromising on quality or service.
The Primp podcast will take audiences behind the scenes from design to delivery and show what it really takes to create one of the hottest luxury brands today.
Indeed, although singer-guitarist Kaia Wilson, drummer Melissa York, and bassist Alison Martlew rock while the boy groups simper and primp, they're all surprisingly after the same demographic.
Of those surveyed, 73% will devote at least a half-hour to primp for a night on the town, while only 42% will study for more than a half-hour the night before a test.
PRIMP LIKE A CELEB: Hollywood stars get practically everything free, from designer duds to cell phones to spa treatments.
Morgan/Bank One magnitude for a while, you can bet donuts to dollars that many of the lesser players are still rushing to primp and prep themselves, redefining themselves as worthy targets for acquisition.
March 3 /PRNewswire/ -- Le Boe European Day Spa in Coral Springs has retained TransMedia Group to primp and prime its image as one of the best and largest spas in Southern Palm County.
Le Boe European Day Spa Retains TransMedia To Primp Its Image As A Convenient Alternative To Best Spas In Europe 3.
Too often they regard popularity as a sign of mediocrity and are happy to stage obscure works in half-empty auditoriums because, for them, the real show takes place in the bar where polite society can preen and primp itself and tell itself that it's superior to the riff-raff outside.
We see it in the little primp she gives before answering the door for lesson 3, and in the look of complete untempered joy that steals across her face when she dances.
MINNEAPOLIS -- International law firm Dorsey & Whitney LLP announced today that William Primps has joined the Trial group in the Firm's New York office as a Partner.
This early sign of independent thought thrills Benitez, who primps her daughter's dark hair and tiny gold earrings as carefully as she does her own.
The show builds to one brilliant moment--when Charlie dresses Jo for a Halloween party as Ed primps West for her debut in her signature role, Diamond Lil.