prime of life

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the prime of life

One's happiest, most successful time; the period when one has the most energy, vitality, and potential. Often structured as "the prime of (one's) life." My father was in the prime of life when he was diagnosed with cancer. It's many a man and woman who, in old age, looks back on the prime of their lives with bittersweet nostalgia.
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prime of life

The best years of one's life, when one is at the peak of one's powers, as in She was in the prime of life when she began to lose her sight. The related phrase in one's prime can be applied to objects as well as persons. For example, The roses were in their prime when you last saw them. In both idioms prime means "first in quality or character." [Early 1700s] Also see past one's prime.
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prime of life, the

The best years of one’s life, at the peak of one’s powers. The idea that there should be a particular time of flourishing is an ancient one. Plato in The Republic defined it as a period of about twenty years in a woman’s life and thirty in a man’s. Poets, among them Robert Herrick and John Milton, generally equated one’s youth with one’s prime. However, the eccentric schoolteacher-heroine of Muriel Spark’s novel The Prime of Miss Jean Brodie (and the 1969 motion picture based on it) declared the years of her rapidly advancing middle age to be her prime.
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This is what Shakespeare looked like, drawn from life and in the prime of life," he said.
A WELSH charity has beat targets in helping over 50s back to work in Wrexham and Flintshire PRIME Cymru surpassed all employment objectives with its successful PRIME of Life project.
Funds raised by Chics for Charity are also used for Prime of Life events held throughout the community that offer free and low-cost health screenings.
This is possibly the day to draw a line under those thoughts and remember them instead as they were in their prime of life.
Boomer women, ages 50-75, are in the prime of life.
After all, here was a 19-year-old girl in the prime of life struck down by cervical cancer.
So perhaps, Davis suggests, having a somewhat weakened (but not too weak) immune system can prove more lifesaving than life-threatening for a dominant male in the prime of life.
The category is also benefiting from men's realization that while aging is inevitable, looking older while in the prime of life is inexcusable, he adds.
Fleur birthday bouquet Jockey James Doyle celebrated his 25th birthday with a winner after Fleur De La Vie proved too tough for Porgy in the 1m6f handicap in the colours of the Prime Of Life 3 syndicate.
Four men in the prime of life with everything to live for.
We reported in February how Prime Cymru's Prime of Life scheme was making strides in Wrexham and Flintshire, offering one-to-one support at upcoming events.
That means that Draper -- a debonair playboy in the prime of life in the five seasons of the hit programme so far -- will wrap up the series as a wizened gent in his mid-80s.
She said losing her breast or facing death was a lot to take in, especially for someone in their prime of life with two young children to bring up, to love and to care for.
Between 2005 and 2008 patients including babies, children, men and women in the prime of life and pensioners in desperate need of care died because of blunders by staff.
We are in our prime of life yet, many other career opportunities, to carry us on the peaks, are still awaiting.