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pry from

1. Literally, to remove something from some place or thing with the force of a lever. A noun or pronoun is used between "pry" and "from." I tried to pry the bolts from the panel with a crowbar, but they wouldn't budge. We'll have to pry the boards from the front door to get inside the house.
2. To compel someone to turn over some piece of information; to obtain some information from someone with great force or difficulty. A noun or pronoun is used between "pry" and "from." I finally pried an apology from Sarah for what she had done. The cops have been trying to pry the location of the gang's hideout from the thug they arrested.
3. To manage to compel someone or oneself to leave or stop looking at something with great force or difficulty. A noun or pronoun is used between "pry" and "from." It's getting harder and harder to pry the kids from their gadgets these days. Our parents had to pry us from the waterpark when it was time to go home. I'm finding I have to pry myself from my phone when I'm going to bed.
4. To manage to take something away from someone or compel them to stop paying attention to something with great force or difficulty. A noun or pronoun is used between "pry" and "from." I have to pry the phone from my wife whenever we sit down to eat dinner together. I'm tired of prying your video games from you every single weekend, so they're going to be off-limits for the next few weeks.
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pry something from someone

 and pry something out of someone
to work information out of someone; to force someone to reveal information. I couldn't even pry her name from her. The police tried to pry the name of the killer out of Max.
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pry something from something

 and pry something out (of something)
to remove something from something with or as if with a lever. See if you can pry this wedge from its slot. I pried the rotted board out of the side of the house.
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The red dye has penetrated between the pad and the solder joint before the package was pried from the board.
The cedar roofing and shiplap was cut into 4-foot wide strips, knocked and pried from the rafters from inside the structure and sent to the debris pile.
When the bottommost section of flooring was exposed, the remaining tongue and groove flooring was pried from the sub floor, inspected for quality and sorted accordingly.