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When the bottommost section of flooring was exposed, the remaining tongue and groove flooring was pried from the sub floor, inspected for quality and sorted accordingly.
Monday, when someone pried open the front door of Hovy's Hair Salon at the Colorado Crossroads Mini Mall in the 1400 block of East Colorado Street.
Verdugo Road, the front door was pried open as well, and $2,000 in cash was stolen.
One boy told deputies that they had pried open the flanges on the school doors with a monkey wrench before popping the lock with a screwdriver.
Webb said Stephens was pried out of her vehicle and airlifted to Simi Valley Hospital.
Investigators said Teasley stole jewelry from the store, pried the gems from their mountings and sold some of the loose stones back to his unwitting boss and area pawnshops.