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Attorney Joe DiGenova, a Republican appointee probably relishing the prospect of embarrassing a Democrat, is an obvious "bad guy;' there's a perverse pride in seeing a black man keep a step ahead of the white lawman.
Your greatest asset is an involved employee who takes pride in a job well-done."
Citizenship, Geyer says, involves not just pride in or comfort with a certain culture but also a sense of shared obligation for its long-term survival and health.
We take pride in our commitment to customer service and our ability to ship 95% of our orders within 24 hours.
``In supplying our Celtic Pride Welsh Lamb Sausages for the event, we look forward to speaking to delegates from all areas in Europe regarding the value of co-operation in the agricultural industry and our aims and visions for Celtic Pride in the future.''
He also expressed his pride in Garden Reach Shipyard's association with the Indian Navy and reaffirmed their resolve to continue this association in defence of national interests.
Ray Karam, Cold Stone Creamery's senior tastemaster, said: "The importance of working with the highest-quality ingredients is something Cold Stone Creamery takes pride in; thus, the opportunity to combine Ghirardelli chocolate with our ice cream was a natural fit.
Because when employees see the ad, and know they had a hand in that, they can take a lot of pride in it.
South Fayette school Superintendent Linda Hippert says the online tour was developed with students as a learning experience, which "adds to their pride in our district."
INS takes great pride in providing our NOC technicians with up-to-date training in the latest network trends, technologies and vendor proprietary certifications.
Meera Sanyal, the m dmi Party candidate for South Mumbai who stood for Lok Sabha elections and lost, said, "We talk about tourist spots for Mumbai; this would be a perfect example and also promote a sense of pride in the Indian Navy."