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medical jargon An acronym for "protection, rest, ice, compression, and elevation," advice given for the home treatment of minor injuries such as sprains or strains. The doctor examined my ankle. Thankfully, I shouldn't need surgery or medication, just PRICE.
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The epiphany to uncovering hidden profits involves shifting the way one thinks about pricing. Conventional wisdom views pricing as the search for one "perfect price" for your product or service--the nirvana where profits are maximized.
These differential pricing schemes, ideally, reflect differences in the market's "willingness to pay." However, when considering such approaches, it is important to ensure that the resulting tuition schedule does not become so complex that it is difficult to explain.
As copywriter Bob Bly puts it in a blurb for the book, "This book makes pricing so much fun, you might not realize how much you're learning."
Economists have derived useful formulas describing the pricing of liquid assets, such as the Black-Scholes option pricing formula, but they have found that deriving expressions for the pricing of illiquid assets is more difficult.
To compare tape and disk pricing accurately, the prices for working subsystems must be used.
The PATA documentation guide notes that "each PATA member has different legal systems, statutes, regulations and administrative approaches with respect to transfer pricing." Thus, the documentation package acknowledges, but does not address, the root cause of compliance burdens encountered by multinational national enterprises: inconsistency among various jurisdictions either in the substantive transfer-pricing rules or in their administration, especially in respect of how the taxpayer's compliance with the arm's-length standard is to be evaluated.
There is a sensible replacement to hourly billing--value pricing. Today, many successful professional firms price their services according to externally created value that is perceived and determined by the customer, rather than by internal costs incurred while generating those services.
Set up a pricing worksheet for each make you're considering.
Since petroleum is a politicized commodity and pricing is as much determined by the law of supply and demand as it is by the political factors that remain outside the Global Oil Market, it is not surprising that political decisions can have a direct bearing on the price.
> Monopoly pricing. There's nothing inherently terrible about an industry being concentrated in the hands of a few companies.
According to a report in Purchasing Magazine, virgin PET pricing is likely to slide in 2006 before stabilizing "far below the recent peak because of decreased prices and expanding supply for key raw materials."
Central bankers must fight a new war that is more challenging than constraining inflation expectations has been of late, given weaker pricing power and labor bargaining strength.
We are currently working in an extremely efficient marketplace that is sensitive to pricing. If a listing is overpriced, it can languish on the market for as long as the seller has patience.
Breneman: The core issue is a very real one: We are in danger as a country of pricing a number of young people out of college.