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a little (bit) pricey

A bit more expensive than desired or expected. Thirty bucks for two movie tickets and an order of popcorn? That's a little pricey, don't you think? They said the repairs would come to about $500, which seemed a little bit pricey, if you ask me. This lipstick is a little pricey, wouldn't you say? I bet we could find a very similar shade at the drugstore for $5.
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Moderately expensive. The hotel is pricey, but it looks fabulous and it's right in the heart of the city. I wouldn't mind how pricey it all was if the food wasn't so unimpressive.
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little steep

 and little pricey
Fig. relatively expensive; costing more than one wants to pay. The food here is a little pricey, but you get a lot of it.
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mod. expensive. Do you have anything less pricy?
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Kuala Lumpur is the 14th cheapest out of 55 cities to get a standard haircut for men in an expatriate area of the city at US$9.90, pricier than Manila's US$4.10 and Jakarta's US$6.90 but half the price of Singapore's US$19.80.
Apple, like other companies around the world, has been hurt by a resurgent US dollar, which makes products sold overseas pricier.
Shenzhen [China], December 6 ( ANI ): OnePlus, the company which shot to fame for its affordable-premium smartphones, is predicting the next-gen 5G handsets will be pricier than the current generation models.
Market vendors said that bananas have the largest discrepancy in prices as the average price for the fruit this year is about 30% higher than that of the same period last year, guava is 26% more expensive, and ponkan is 16% pricier.
Whilst it may be pricier to live in Lahore it is going to get pricier to live for everybody, everywhere.
Rates hike hits pubs AROUND 15 pubs a week are disappearing across England and Wales and punters could face pricier pints in the ones that remain after the industry was clobbered by a PS204 million rise in business rates this year.
Economists are predicting that a jump in petrol and diesel prices will push up the cost of living, as stronger oil prices make filling up at the pump pricier.
Seoul second-costliest for food; haircuts 19 times pricier in Oslo than Jakarta The basket of 39 food items costs over four times more in Seoul than in Kiev, where the food basket costs the least.
Yet as the Swedish maker well knows, only slightly pricier German rivals like BMW's 5 Series Touring and Audi's A6 Avant have shown that it really is possible to produce a car like this with plenty of carriage capacity, yet at the same time, quite an accomplished dynamic repertoire.
This branch is a bit more formal (and pricier) than the original, though the menu is similar, with French dishes meeting up with Mediterranean-influenced plates.
But it is expected to be pricier than the PS224,000 existing Mulsanne model, which is being updated for 2015.
With smaller salt crystals, theres no compromise on taste, but a possible concession on cost as these manipulated molecules are pricier than regular salt.
But the company stood by its outlook for sales to grow by 3 to 4 percent for the year, in part because of the strength it's seeing in pricier items like iced coffees.
Of course, the fancier the coffee machine gets, the pricier everything becomes.
Child care is pricier than college in many states, according to Child Care Aware of America.