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little steep

 and little pricey
Fig. relatively expensive; costing more than one wants to pay. The food here is a little pricey, but you get a lot of it.
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mod. expensive. Do you have anything less pricy?
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PRICIER than rivals, but it more than makes up for this with its chunky SUV styling, generous kit and ample space.
and Diageo PLC - said liquor companies have found that sampling encourages customers to drink pricier brands.
While a little pricier, it may actually work out better for what you'll save in washing soiled clothes
Many manufacturers and restaurateurs agree that alternatives are pricier and often don't provide the taste that consumers want.
We have seen demand remain strong for well-priced, middle-market condominium units as an affordable alternative to pricier parts of Brooklyn, Manhattan and Queens.
Normal grocery shoppers no longer have to agonize over the choice between settling for mealy apples or springing for the pricier exotics like mangoes or hothouse strawberries.
AS VOICE OVER INTERNET PROTOCOL becomes more integrated into schools, district officials are faced with a key question when bringing voice from the network to the classroom: should they keep their analog phones or go for the pricier but more streamlined wireless handsets?
They were impressed with the flavours and texture of the sauces but they complained that they are pricier than some other sauces.
For a pricier meal in a hipper-than-thou location, hit the Avalon Hotel in Beverly Hills.
Ask most people why they buy a first-class or business-class airline ticket, and the odds are that one of the most important reasons is that those pricier tickets provide automatic access to an airport lounge.
Talk about your price increases: The price of a bottle of domestic beer in Zimbabwe now ranges from $35,000 to $50,000, with pricier beers going for up to $70,000.
This low-viscosity, liquid bromine/phosphorus compound is used at similar or slightly higher dosages than PBDE and is a bit pricier.
Some of the waste is illegal; much is simply stupid, the costly consequence of a bureaucratic, rule-bound, procedure-obsessed system in which everything becomes pricier and less efficient than it should be.
And pricier models, including Lancias and Alfa Romeos, will add a GPS module and be able to scale up to full telematic functions like off-board (not part of a hard-wired in-car unit) navigation via Fiat's bConnect service.