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a little (bit) pricey

A bit more expensive than desired or expected. Thirty bucks for two movie tickets and an order of popcorn? That's a little pricey, don't you think? They said the repairs would come to about $500, which seemed a little bit pricey, if you ask me.
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Moderately expensive. The hotel is pricey, but it looks fabulous and it's right in the heart of the city. I wouldn't mind how pricey it all was if the food wasn't so unimpressive.

little steep

 and little pricey
Fig. relatively expensive; costing more than one wants to pay. The food here is a little pricey, but you get a lot of it.
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mod. expensive. Do you have anything less pricy?
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Finally, schools may not be as pricey as you think.
A system weighted toward pricey surgery rather than preventive medicine is wonderful if you happen to be a pricey surgeon, but it's just pricey if you're not.
In Those Pricey Thakur Girls ( ` 350; HarperCollins) Chauhan stirs up some oldworld romance.
I was gutted for Pricey and like everyone else would never have guessed he'd be put down by Tony Thompson at the ECHO arena.
Pricey funerals in grave times DEATH has bucked the downturn with a surge in sales of pricey funerals, Britain's biggest undertaker has revealed.
If Mr Johnson's investigation reaches the same conclusion then the pricey consultants can be shown the door.
West and maintain a reasonable rent in pricey Union Square", says Mitchell Soodak, Principal of Union Sq.
30 a pack, pricey for an ordinary Cuban but relatively cheap compared to elsewhere in the world.
The desire to entice rich people--commonly called "choice" riders--is a big reason why pricey light-rail lines have broken ground in so many cities, and why more than two dozen cities are angling for federal funds to build more.
But instead of skirting Boardwalk and Park Place, "players must try to avoid landing on pricey properties like Kerry's Georgetown home, worth $4.
They're pricey, and there's no label information, but keep your eyes open: they're top quality gems that you'll probably never see again but are definitely worth having, if only for the graphic autobiographical insert.
But the initial installation fee is a pricey [yen]1 74,800.