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medical jargon An acronym for "protection, rest, ice, compression, and elevation," advice given for the home treatment of minor injuries such as sprains or strains. The doctor examined my ankle. Thankfully, I shouldn't need surgery or medication, just PRICE.
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According to Pricer, it has maintained a high activity of small and medium-sized deliveries during the second quarter of 2019.
Tosano, an Italian grocery chain with 15 large format stores, has placed an order to equip all its stores with Pricer's digital price label system.
Besides allowing automatic and instant updates of in-store prices, Pricer SmartTAGs come with integrated tools that improve promotion messaging in stores, according to the company, which says the tags also come with special slots that allow promotional shelf-talkers to he attached easily.
Pricer, who spoke at the CUNA Human Resources and Training and Development Council Conference last week in Anaheim, Calif., encouraged credit unions to prepare to comply with ACA requirements because the U.S.
They provide tutorials for 12 projects, such as games, graphics, an autoresponder to text messages, a car finder, a xylophone, a book pricer, and educational apps, with ideas for variations and extensions.
The new Amadeus Master Pricer Expert is the shopping and comparison solution for travel agents that need an expert shopping solution that offers optimised accuracy and for business travellers who need fares that best reflect their travel requirements and in no time.
"This major retailer decided to go for Pricer ESL to significantly improve price integrity in its stores as well as optimizing its price changing process with a reliable and manageable system."Pricer provides electronic display and electronic shelf label (ESL) platforms, solutions, and services for communicating, managing, and optimizing price and product information on the retail floor.
PriceMyLoan, Costa Mesa, California, has released Mobile Quick Pricer, an extension of its automated underwriting and loan pricing engine designed to work on Internet-enabled smart-phones.
So however you would drive product with a paper-based sign, this allows you to do the same thing electronically," says Wyatt Alston, vice president of sales and marketing for New York-based Pricer, Inc.
"He taught me how to use a ticket pricer. It was an unusual honeymoon, but it was romantic to me."
MieleG1230SC(pounds 530):A freestanding dishwasher from a firm which maybe pricer than some of its competitors but is a byword for excellence, according to Which?
He examines a few financial models in depth, primarily by example, emphasizing design principles over an overall "grand plan." He begins with a simple Monte Carlo model option pricer, then moves on the encapsulation, inheritance and virtual functions, bridging with a virtual constructor, strategies, decoration and statistics, a random numbers class, an exotics engine and the template pattern, trees, solvers, templates, implied probabilities, and the factory.
The Patient Portion Pricer is a collections module that calculates expected patient financial responsibility before or at the time of service, based on tools and data that it provides to generate an estimate of what the health plan will allow for a particular claim.
Amadeus' technology will also provide fast response times to customers, as well as its Value Pricer low fare search product, scalable architecture, increased reliability and cost savings, according to Amadeus.