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If you are having trouble yielding full-pay admits, this may be an indication that you are already priced above your perceived value in the marketplace.
1 million at March 31, 1999, the IPO was priced at about 94% of book value, resulting in an initial market valuation of $775.
distributor and unrelated parties at the same prices, but those sold to the unrelated parties are priced in their local currencies while those to the related U.
Lately the Justice Department has pursued these refunds under the False Claims Act, under which each claim for payment (an invoice) under a defectively priced contract is a separate false claim with the potential for a separate penalty.
Demand in all markets is for homes priced under $200,000.
The companies we deal with all offer full service contracts that are competitively priced and will perform annual inspections at a reduced rate.
It priced all inventory, or finished goods; sold to related parties at standard cost plus 10 percent.
Bidding takes place in private and, as diagram 1 shows, awards are made at the highest priced bids covering the total auction size.
However, it may be the case that the inventory is not properly priced at $25 in the sale to B, since a seller in a comparable uncontrolled sale context will attempt to earn a profit on its sale.