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The January survey indicated that a detached bungalow was priced at $96,000, down $8,000 from one year previous.
The increase reflected a slight shift to sales of more highly priced properties rather than any real price appreciation since the prior year, and this was true for all four quarters of 1996.
The current auction format elicits one form of strategic behavior: Because awards are priced at the bid, the participants have incentives to shade their bids to avoid the winner's curse.
If it is a cold and brutal winter, it could be a very high priced winter.
15" XGA monitor and notebook panel prices are now priced the same, with 15" monitor panel prices expected to be priced $11 below 15" notebook panels in December.
Morgan Kaufmann believes it can address this issue in a fundamentally new way; by designing a book package that students recognize as valuable and fairly priced, sales of new books will increase, allowing the company to publish affordable new editions more frequently -- which is essential for such a fast changing field.
The "Quarterly Small/Medium LCD Pricing Report" is priced at $3,495 in print and from $3,995-$4,495 in electronic format depending on company size.
The number of options granted is larger than the company's typical market price option program due to the increased risks associated with the premium price and forfeiture provisions described below, and is in lieu of market priced options for the six executives over the next three years.
The BayStack 303 24+1 switch, originally list priced at $2,350, is now priced at $1,895 or $76 per port.
This year's winning shared system is priced at $76/load, a drop of $80/load over last year's price of $156/load, representing a 51 percent improvement in the price/performance ratio.