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sneak preview

A viewing or attendance of something before it is ready to be shown or released to the general public. Film journalists across the state were invited to a sneak preview of the new blockbuster in Hollywood. During the interview, I was given a sneak preview of the latest sculpture she's been working on.
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sneak preview

An advance showing of something, as in It was supposed to be bad luck but she gave the bridegroom a sneak preview of her wedding gown . This expression originated in the 1930s for a single public showing of a motion picture before its general release, and in succeeding decades was transferred to other undertakings.
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a ˌsneak ˈpreview

an opportunity to look at or watch something, for example a book or a film/movie, before it is shown to the public: She gave me a sneak preview of her latest painting.
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The Android O preview will be available for the Pixel, Pixel XL, Pixel C, Nexus 5X, Nexus 6P and Nexus Player devices.
Web publishers can implement Snap Preview Anywhere by visiting http://www.
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The preview is available to both developers and non-developers who want to help in testing out the functionality and features of the new Safari browser ahead of its official launch.
Preview shows will be available through all distribution channels starting December 28, and will in many cases feature both game overviews and team-centric preview packages.
Adjustable Panes - For more thumbnails on the left pane or a bigger preview on the right pane, users can simply drag the divider between the two panes to the left or to the right.
com's innovative, visual approach to presenting web search results, Snap Preview Anywhere allows anyone visiting an enabled site to hover over a link to receive an immediate glimpse of hyperlinked pages, without having to navigate away from the current page.
This is an exciting time for the Mac, and Adobe wanted to ease the move to new Intel-based systems with a preview release of Photoshop CS3," said John Loiacono, senior vice president of Creative Solutions Business Unit at Adobe.
The new Previews marketing campaign lets us leverage the powerful reach of the Coldwell Banker brand by unifying our marketing efforts worldwide under one iconic image.
com, today announced the immediate availability of Snap Anywhere[TM], a free set of services that deliver cutting-edge site preview and search capabilities to website owners, bloggers and web publishers looking to deliver a more informative and "sticky" user experience.
The site will also allow TV fans a more intimate look at fall television with over 70 videos including show previews, behind-the-scenes looks, and exclusive interviews with Fall TV's hottest stars.