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sneak preview

An advance showing of something, as in It was supposed to be bad luck but she gave the bridegroom a sneak preview of her wedding gown . This expression originated in the 1930s for a single public showing of a motion picture before its general release, and in succeeding decades was transferred to other undertakings.
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a ˌsneak ˈpreview

an opportunity to look at or watch something, for example a book or a film/movie, before it is shown to the public: She gave me a sneak preview of her latest painting.
See also: preview, sneak
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Kinetix is previewing 3D Studio VIZ, a full-featured modeling, rendering, and animation system that offers conceptualization and visualization tools for architectural, civil and industrial designers.
Gives Windows Developers Instant Printing And Previewing
The new "snapshot" message preview feature can save users time and money on transmission fees by previewing and filtering messages by sender, subject or size, and then selecting only those they want to receive wirelessly.
The Music Previews Internet service complements MultiPreviews' established service of previewing music over the telephone, which is currently available in many cities in North America, for which MultiPreviews already holds a BMI license.