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cooler heads will prevail

Calm people, thoughts, or actions will triumph in the end. Please, everyone, calm down! I think that cooler heads will prevail in this fight against the school board.
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prevail (up)on (one) to (do something)

To try to persuade, appeal to, or influence someone to do something. We've prevailed upon members of congress to introduce legislation that will protect our citizens' jobs. I will prevail on him to speak at the assembly.
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cooler heads prevail

Fig. the ideas or influence of less emotional people prevail. (Used of a tense situation.) One hopes that cooler heads will prevail and soon everything will calm down.
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prevail against someone or something

to win out over someone or something; to dominate someone or something. You will not prevail against me! I am sure that our team will prevail against the challengers.
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prevail (up)on someone or something (to do something)

to appeal to someone or a group to do something. (Upon is formal and less commonly used than on.) I will prevail upon her to attend the meeting. I prevailed on the committee to no avail.
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prevail on

Successfully persuade or influence, as in They prevailed on me to speak at their annual luncheon. This term uses prevail in the sense of "exert superior force." It replaced prevail with in the mid-1600s.
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prevail on

or prevail upon
To successfully persuade or induce someone to do something: We prevailed on the committee to stop the developers from building a shopping mall. Lobbyists prevailed upon the president to veto the legislation.
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Short-handed depth: Valencia prevailed without its best player - senior Stevy Loy, who qualified for the U.
Rarely does the information provided by the arbitrators state whether the claimant prevailed on his or her statutory claim.
Looking then, cautiously, at the residential cases, the Courts appear (i) to focus on the individual causes of action, or individual defenses that are the subject of genuine contention, and then (ii) to award attorneys' fees based on which side prevailed on those particular contested issues.
It has prevailed for millennia in Europe, developing early in Roman law and spreading from there to the civil law systems that evolved all over the continent and became codified in France, Germany, and elsewhere around the time of Napoleon.
City of Chicago,(20) the plaintiff prevailed in his lawsuit alleging that he was unconstitutionally detained for over 48 hours without a judicial probable cause hearing, but the jury awarded him only nominal damages.
In this case, though justice prevailed, consider the injustice of horrendous cost in time and money.
The good defense prevailed eight times, the good offense five times.
The trial court in this case ruled that Mattco was not required to established that, absent the firm's negligence, Mattco would have prevailed in the underlying case against GE.
PITTSBURGH -- Fifth graph, first sentence of release should read: The smelter has been owned since 2001 by Century Aluminum, which also claimed a right to the funds but stated that if it prevailed it would give the funds to employees and retirees (sted The smelter has been owned since 2000 by Century Aluminum, which also claimed a right to the funds but stated that if it prevailed it would give the funds to employees and retirees).
Prisoners who had prevailed on their claims under the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) and the Rehabilitation Act (RA) moved for the award of attorney fees.
If IRI were to prevail before both the Second Circuit and the Supreme Court, and ultimately prevailed at trial, both litigation teams advised that it was likely to be several years before IRI would be able to collect on its judgment due to post-trial motions and appeals.
Consumers prevailed more often than business in cases that went to an arbitration hearing.
He continues, "Many people have lost loved ones in, WWI, WWII and in the current war that we are facing now, and if you look in the past we have always prevailed, we need to stand up strong, focus on the children - our new generation and the future, and realize that we will prevail in spite of it all.
Ranbaxy") has prevailed in the patent infringement lawsuit brought by GlaxoSmithKline ("GSK") relating to Ranbaxy's generic version of GSK's antibiotic "Ceftin(R).
The Defendants issued a press release today which the company maintains as a misleading headline specifying that Iocene had prevailed against Aegis and its directors in a court ruling.