prevail against

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prevail against (someone or something)

To overcome and succeed against someone or something. I believe as strongly today as I did when I was younger that love will always prevail against hate in the long run. No one expected our team to prevail against the defending champions, but we found it in ourselves to win.
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prevail against someone or something

to win out over someone or something; to dominate someone or something. You will not prevail against me! I am sure that our team will prevail against the challengers.
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After reviewing all of Dali's evidence, testimony and argument, the PTAB agreed with CommScope and denied Dali's petition to institute an Inter Partes Review (IPR), concluding that Dali failed to establish a reasonable likelihood that Dali would prevail against any challenged claim of the patent.
But then at the end we had the Russians and the FBI deal, she couldn't prevail against that.
What was apparently one of the great snooker matches in the UK Masters saw Judd Trump prevail against Neil Robertson in a final-frame decider.
"The Lebanese mosaic, even if it was sometimes shaken, remains coherent and fixed, and no schemes will prevail against it," Rai said.
Both sides have won two games in the competition already and Wade has his eye on a dream draw should Spartans prevail against Matlock.
He called the international sporting and Olympic community to "close ranks to make the Olympic values of friendship, tolerance and peace prevail against rancour, fanaticism and obscurantism."
We believe that we will prevail against terrorism and we want all the Lebanese to be in the victory circle and not outside it -- so that no one feels defeated," Bassil said.
SIR - How wonderful to see Wales prevail against a very good and massively improved Scottish team in Edinburgh.
But it isn't clear the Majlis position will prevail against religious foundations.
Mathews admitted that some were disappointed at the departure of Farbrace, who they said excelled at man-management and was able to instill confidence within the team, although he is confident that Sri Lanka can prevail against England in all formats if they can adapt to the local conditions.
In the mixed, Malcolm Lightbown and Renton defeated Mark Tuttle and Terri-Lee Holmes in two sets - but Andy Wethereall and McGill could not prevail against Liz Holt and Darren Whitley.
In this evening's other match, Athletic Bilbao are 4-6 to prevail against Osasuna at the San Mames.
Spokesman for the army, "We prevail against the rebels for the last two days and progressing toward north." told exclusively to Cihan News Agency.
Meanwhile, on the right side of the law, Detective Colin Anderson is struggling to prevail against a hierarchy that is holding back his promotion, and his colleague Prudence Costello is tentatively being brought back into the fold after five months spent recuperating from devastating injuries.