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White's was pretty nice, though, and she looked just lovely one day when I dressed her up in--Oh, Aunt Polly, I've just happened to think of something
And you did look so pretty," almost sobbed Pollyanna, as she stumbled through the door.
Oh, yes; but one is never so pretty after being mended, you know," replied the Princess.
When they saw her, they thought her so pretty that they were very sorry she should go down with the ugly toad to live.
and have it into thy pretty mouth as speedily as may be.
Yes, it was very pretty and becoming, I remember, but its day is over.
What a pretty girl he makes," said Eliza, turning him round.
I was pretty tired, and the first thing I knowed I was asleep.
And if, when he got out, he met a man and broke his head--the other man's head, I mean--then that proved that his--the first fellow's--girl was a pretty girl.
She had a very pretty way of saying Timothy, so David and I went into another room to leave her alone with the manuscript of this poor little book, and when we returned she had the greatest surprise of the day for me.
It was coming down the road--coming in the shadder of the trees, and you couldn't see it good; not till it was pretty close to us; then it stepped into a bright splotch of moonlight and we sunk right down in our tracks--it was Jake Dunlap's ghost
That girl is pretty and sweet and goodhearted, but do you think she is quite right in her mind, by spells, Anne?
she asked, pointing to Toto, who was sitting before her wagging his tail in the most friendly manner and admiring the pretty maid with his bright eyes.
Well," said my guardian good-humouredly, "it's pretty clear that whoever became security for those chairs and tables will have to pay for them.
It was a pretty road, running along between snug farmsteads, with now and again a bit of balsamy fir wood to drive through or a hollow where wild plums hung out their filmy bloom.