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It's not going to win an award for prettiness," spokesman Werner Schmidt said of the conference center.
Part of the Menagerie signed by Cartier collection, the pen comes with its own stand so everyone can fawn over its prettiness.
But its functionality is more valuable that its prettiness.
What the poems lack in prettiness, they make up for with gut-wrenching honesty and a dumpster full of righteous anger.
They bring out their edginess and scruffiness, their rejection of prettiness for its own sake.
1 recent, center 2 persistent, prettiness 3 quite, quiet 4 real, earl 5 anger, range 6 duper, prude 7 super, purse 8 lamenting, alignment 9 lump, plum 10 ransom, manors
In the title role Will Smith shares Ali's natural magnetism, boastful prettiness and gift of the gab.
New stairs, from women's collection to gallery, contrast the prettiness of terrazzo treads and pink plastered wall with the crispness of industrial fixings.
He seems to have little to offer in this repertoire beyond a passive prettiness.
However, Rimoch's direction is too literal at times in representing Beatriz's fantasy world: The images of ideal love in a variety of landscapes bring to mind the prefab prettiness of postcards.
Minimalism and prettiness -- two concepts that have been mutually exclusive throughout the history of modern design -- are being reconciled.
Theocritus' idylls have none of the artificial prettiness of the pastoral poetry of a later age.
I scarcely have words to describe what my friend and I gawped at as they passed us by - mounds of gaping flab rolling off to the fleshpots, flimsy nurses' and animal costumes contrasting with the delicate floral prettiness of the Atkinson crockery that was delivering us a really special afternoon tea.
Collapsing pagodas and exploding boats in an almost biblical cartoon that veers wildly from peacock prettiness to crude 3D slapstick.