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Both desserts were prettily presented, delicious and hotter than the sun when they arrived.
SNAPPING up Ted Baker's prettily packaged grooming tools, including eyelash curlers and emery boards.
A winning treat for Fido: squeaky, prettily patterned cloth bones.
palm she sits prettily across the table the shells the bowl of daffodils
It is also prettily packaged in an atomizer that looks like a perfume spray.
New Delhi, July 6 -- The Japanese two-wheeler major Honda Motorcycle & Scooter India (HMSI) has been open about its ambitions of reaching the top slot in the Indian two-wheeler market where its erstwhile partner of 26 years Hero MotoCorp sits prettily now.
The 31-year-old's sizeable assets are on display as she pouts prettily for the camera and underlines her sexuality-is-her-biggest-strength stand.
Doing another visual 180, this Ariadne takes us backstage again to end prettily with the candles in multiple chandeliers becoming stars twinkling in Bacchus's heaven.
That is more true of second track The Golden Hour which rattles along prettily and purposefully.
Until recently, scholarship on the Irish Revival, at which William Butler Yeats (1865-1939) was the center, focused on the literary dimension, with other art forms arranged prettily around the borders.
Summary: "I followed the bee," says Thierry Wasser prettily. With, in his sights, "big bright yellow flowers, the ones you see in summer in fields of colza"
The Bottom Line: The breakfast menu is diverse and well-priced, the food well-executed, prettily plated and cheerfully served.
rhymes descending to versify prettily indeed In couplet's fair