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Later this month, after further evaluation and another round of judging, two of the 10 finalists in each of the six regions will be named the 12 prettiest painted places in America.
Prettiest junior Bridget Honeycutt is extremely beautiful and gracious to her fellow students, but she also has a secret that's threatening to overtake her.
She is just the prettiest woman you have ever seen and she is my size as well.
The title of the Prettiest Old Mare was won by Jolly Jula, owned by Prince Hussein Mirza, followed by runner-up, Dimat Fahdia, owned by HM King Abdullah II's stables.
It's known for its meth labs, and it's not really the prettiest place on Earth, but apparently they've built some amazing sets there,'' Knightley said in an interview that appeared July 6 on Futuremovies.
WIZ is looking like one of Sarasota's prettiest and most spirited galas.
Gillian Tibbetts, of the Civic Society, said: "It's not about the prettiest village but the best-kept which involves litter picks and keeping pavements clean and tidy and it is getting more and more difficult to get people to help.
An unusual love story from beginning to end, between the prettiest girl in town, Maddalena Piccinelli, and one of the last remaining young men--skinny, foolish, Vito Leone.
This is the prettiest river in the country," says Mick Fleming, who owns the Chaa Creek Lodge, an ecotourism resort set in the jungle 20 miles downstream from the dam site.
Toronto is by no means Canada's prettiest city, or even a pretty city at all.
IT might not be the prettiest thing on four wheels but Perodua's Kelisa is officially the most affordable car on Scots roads.
Nihilism says vehicles are commodities that give an individual the best deal in the prettiest wrapper.
I go for the horse with the nicest name and the jockey with the prettiest silk.
They aren't the prettiest, the smartest or even the funniest girl in the room, but they seem to have been given an extra sprinkling of dating dust, that elusive agent that draws guys like mosquitoes to a bug zapper.
In February she was cleared of attacking Nicola Hutchins, 29, with a broken bottle during a row over her lap-dancer friend, Amanda Wright, about who was the prettiest.