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"Across the six tracks of "Crying in the Prettiest Places,"No Rome showcases as much sonic playfulness as he does raw lyrical honesty with unique, affecting results.Born in a tough Manila neighborhood, Rome grew up keeping one eye over his shoulder.
City agriculturist Emma Molina, the event chair, said the prettiest bangus was chosen for its clear and round eyes, fine, smooth and orderly scales, and round belly.
"For purposes of our competition, a 'prettiest painted place' is a very special town or neighborhood with exceptional community-wide 'curb appeal' due to visually appealing or very creative use of exterior paint color," explained Debbie Zimmer, paint and color expert for the Paint Quality Institute.
A compilation of the school's prettiest and ugliest girls by class, the list is an unofficial end-of-September tradition at Mount Washington High School.
The legendary band, fronted by Axl Rose, contacted a model agency to demand 20 of their prettiest girls for their gig at Glasgow's SECC on Friday.
The list names the "prettiest" and "ugliest" girl in each grade - freshman through senior.
Made from oak supplied from the estate itself, bee experts have dubbed it the "prettiest apiary in Wales".
Simon Goodenough, the garden's curator, said: "It might not be the prettiest or the sweetest-smelling flower in our collection, but for curiosity value it is certainly well worth a visit."
Mis Violet from the garden club presents the residents of Pudding Street with an award for "Prettiest Flowers," but little does she guess that a special dog named Dakota and his bird friend are the real secret gardeners who plant the prettiest flowers!
IT seems to be the duty of every football journalist and pundit in the land to point out that Stoke are not the prettiest team you are likely to see this season, writes James Milton.
The title of the Prettiest Old Mare was won by Jolly Jula, owned by Prince Hussein Mirza, followed by runner-up, Dimat Fahdia, owned by HM King Abdullah II's stables.
The director of the Televisa hit "The Prettiest Ugly Girl" (La fea mas bella) was 69.
In just its third year, the Butterfly Ball for G.WIZ is looking like one of Sarasota's prettiest and most spirited galas.
Gillian Tibbetts, of the Civic Society, said: "It's not about the prettiest village but the best-kept which involves litter picks and keeping pavements clean and tidy and it is getting more and more difficult to get people to help."