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"Since the prettier candidate has been blessed by God, it is only right we should hire the uglier one."
Just in case Anthony had not been listening, he added: "You are better looking than me, but I'm prettier."
From next Sunday a younger, prettier, more feminine face will be grinning from the top of this page.
Gawky 15-year-old Kim (Olivia Hallinan playing a prettier, imaginary version of the teenage Burchill) hungers after her cool and outrageously sexy new best friend Sugar (Lenora Critchlow) - a fantasy that will be shared by every red-blooded male slumped in front of his telly.
Our women are far prettier and they don't drink as much beer," he said dangerously.
Tots shown pictures of a model and a plain-looking woman were drawn to the prettier face.
Gold bought ready-made into jewellery makes a prettier present.
HERE'S a picture to spoil Lady Victoria Hervey's day: her younger, prettier sister looking sensational in the South of France.
Posh looks so much prettier when smiling and she's done plenty of that lately -even though much was forced.
frustrating we break that Siddle earlier Buttler Both hauls would have been prettier still had Smith not coaxed stands worth 162 out of tailenders Peter Siddle and Nathan Lyon.
They are being overlooked for the prettier, confident kittens, but they are desperate for a home to call their own.
Now, I was lucky enough to reach out and get to interview Lei Bautista who is the original lead vocalist and guitarist of Prettier Than Pink.
RAFA NADAL completed the Herculean task of clinching his 12th French Open title yesterday - then claimed being obsessed with Roger Federer's Grand Slam record would be like always seeking a "prettier girlfriend".
But clouds that sail across the sky, are prettier than these.
They have been found to use glamorous and flattering filters to look "prettier" online.