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Take one pair of neutral flip flops and two pairs of sandals, a casual leather pair and a prettier pair for evening.
Hollywood's favorite 'Blissologist' Kym Douglas is revealing her insider's guide to having it ALL in her new book Bliss Happens : The Six-Week Plan to a Happier, Prettier, Thinner, and Richer Life .
For my money, the Doctor Who actress is prettier than any of the ladies featured.
I have been told if I played Akshay's sister in the film and was looking so pretty, then his heroine should have been prettier.
WE WANTED to write to the Echo to tell you what we have been doing in our area to help Cardiff look prettier.
She grows prettier and prettier as she does her chores--but her wicked stepmother can't stand her happiness despite her chores.
Seventy five percent of men surveyed said a grin made a woman prettier than a serious-looking one with perfect looks.
COVENTRY'S young women are obviously no plainer or prettier than anywhere else.
A railway worker who emerged from a 19-year coma woke to a radically altered Poland and thinks "the world is prettier now" than it was under communism, his wife said.
Annoyingly the designers had obliterated the normal browser task bars but the clean screen does make for a prettier viewing.
The Aussie star makes an even prettier picture following her marriage to singer Keith Urban.
IN her column "My Shout" (November 24 ) Alison Taylor refers to "a mare called Camilla who, in my view, is much prettier than our new Duchess of Cornwall.
Chile's capital city Santiago is looking a lot prettier to motorists, thanks to an extreme makeover.
What about chubby, unpopular, book-worm Emma, who suddenly seems to becoming prettier and prettier each day, will she get the chance to dance at all?
There were some prettier boys, but I needed someone who could be a transvestite but who could also be a man handsome enough to have everyone falling into his arms.