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Annoyingly the designers had obliterated the normal browser task bars but the clean screen does make for a prettier viewing.
The Aussie star makes an even prettier picture following her marriage to singer Keith Urban.
IN her column "My Shout" (November 24 ) Alison Taylor refers to "a mare called Camilla who, in my view, is much prettier than our new Duchess of Cornwall.
Chile's capital city Santiago is looking a lot prettier to motorists, thanks to an extreme makeover.
What about chubby, unpopular, book-worm Emma, who suddenly seems to becoming prettier and prettier each day, will she get the chance to dance at all?
There were some prettier boys, but I needed someone who could be a transvestite but who could also be a man handsome enough to have everyone falling into his arms.
I watched Milan and Barcelona during the week and those are two top-notch outfits, who are sitting far prettier and in better form than our quartet.
The 2003 scenario could be different, but most likely it will not be prettier.
He'll be telling us next that the birds in Pleck are prettier than those in Sao Paulo.
Consider the Jupiter PC Case from SkyHawk, which doesn't just put a prettier face an your PC (with lights and an optional side window)--it also includes a display that gauges your computer's temperature.
but I'm hard put to find a prettier place than Virginia.
It doesn't mean he thinks she's prettier than you or that he wants to go out with her.
After making the figure, she revealed that throughout her life, she'd thought [apparently along with everyone else] that her sister was the prettier one and had therefore deserved the prettier dresses.
A characteristic of this type of management is that it builds big monuments to itself, new skylights in the boardroom, larger, prettier offices, glitzy signs, and self-serving advertisements.
Women are viewed as sex toys to be used and discarded by vile, pathetic males (I shall not call them men); families are destroyed as a father vents his mid life crisis by abandoning his wife for a 'younger, prettier model,' homosexuals and lesbians are no longer content to secretly live in sin, but now want to glorify their perversions.