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pretend (that) black is white

To say, believe, or act like what's true is the opposite of the real situation. The government can't keep pretending black is white, or else we're going to head into the same economic difficulty we were in 10 years ago. The president could pretend that black is white, and he would still have people lining up to say that he is right.
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pretend to (something)

To feign or claim to have some quality, skill, or characteristic. Jonathan pretends to the palate of a connoisseur, but really he's just pretentious. I like to write, but couldn't pretend to the kind of talent she has.
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pretend to something

to claim to have a skill or quality. I can hardly pretend to the artistry that Wally has, but I can play the piano a bit. I can't pretend to that level of skill.
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Pretending as representation: A developmental and comparative view.
Don't stop pretending to be Christian; it's the only way of being-Christian in our world.
Other tactics people used included pretending to know about wine and correcting other people's grammar.
David's 'we pretending to eat') than in the negotiation of pretence.
Pretending to be Me, Royal Exchange, Manchester, March 8, 0161 833 9833, royalexchange.
In people, both language and pretending are considered outgrowths of a general symbolic function, says Patricia Greenfield of the University of California, Los Angeles.
For example, Quaker has stopped pretending that its Peaches & Cream Instant Oatmeal contains peaches and cream.
Certain movements and situations are by their very nature funny, like big men pretending to be ballerinas.
People are always interested to know what they look like when they are pretending.
The results are as embarrassing as the most tone-deaf teen-courting commercials: If there's anything more painful than watching a politician or pundit pretending to be 17, it's watching him pretend he believes in a force greater than himself.
Aliens use phony documents, pretending to be legal, and employers pretend to believe them.
Michael Hammond spent more than an hour inside the grounds after ringing officers stationed at the residence and impersonating a Scotland Yard detective and pretending to accompany pals of the young Royals.
Whether in "Crimean Snobbery," 1982, in which he documents his friends pretending to be rich folks at the beach, or in individual shots of, say, a woman mooning the camera, there's an overpowering feeling of people taking pictures of themselves, for themselves.
He is like a Roman emperor, a diva," explains Soler, who gained such intimate access by pretending he was malting a movie on the U.