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Newcastle-based Laura Lindow adapted Nadia Shireen's book while the actors are Matthew Gundel (who plays Monty), Samantha Morris (Presto), Claire Tustin and Ziad Jabero, best known as a member of musical group the Baghdaddies.
Raised by a sardine factory owner and taught to play by a blind music teacher known as El Maestro, Presto is sent to America when he is nine, with his only possession an old guitar and six magical strings, which turn blue whenever he changes the course of someone's life.
The Presto Group offers its products within three brands: Presto, Sanifirst and firstLabo.
The journey from rubber stamps to a catalogue that is complete with very high quality and unique corporate gifts, personalized gifts, awards, trophies and many more, has been very eventful for Presto Wonders.
Presto Black is recommended for blackening cold and hot rolled steels, alloy steels, tool steels, as well as cast iron, forged steels and powdered metal.
On the other side of the wall, PRESTO are also offering the latest in European design and engineering with its range of tapware.
KEMPTON: 6.20 Fenella Fudge, 6.50 Broughtons Charm, 7.20 Astonishing, 7.50 Taleteller, 8.20 PRESTO VOLANTE (NAP), 8.50 Bishop Roko, 9.20 Net Whizz.
Presto Classical staff will be at the Royal Priors Shopping Centre offering people a quick blast of a ukulele, piano or guitar, and other orchestral instruments on Saturday March 16.
Hey, Presto! is a very clever and witty title for a very intelligent and funny book.
18 -- At a special event today Presto Personalised Wonders reinvented the trend of gifting loved ones, gift items with a personal touch.
Presto Products Co., a division of Reynolds Consumer Products, is a market-leading supplier of a full line of private brand food storage bags, waste bags, containers and plastic wrap.
Bosch Packaging Technology launches the next generation Presto D2, offering an efficient and flexible robotic solution for top loading or feed placing.