press (something) (up)on (one)

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press (something) (up)on (one)

To urge or try to persuade someone to take or accept something. Despite our protests, my parents pressed the money on us to help pay for the wedding. He pressed the documents on the reporter, insisting that it would be a huge story.
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press on

1. To apply physical force or pressure to something, typically with one's fingers. Next, press on the big red button—that should reset it. What about here? Does it hurt when I press on it? This part is out of place, which is making this piece press on the fan.
2. To continue or try to do something with determination, especially when facing hardships or setbacks. It was discouraging to learn that our budget had been cut, but we pressed on in the hopes of recovering our investment costs. We have to press on. We've come too far to turn back now!
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press (up)on someone or something

to put pressure on someone or something. (Upon is formal and less commonly used than on.) The crowd pressed upon the child, squeezing out all his breath. The load presses on your car's springs very heavily.
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press something (up)on someone

to urge or force something on someone; to try to get someone to accept something. (Upon is formal and less commonly used than on.) He always presses second helpings upon his guests. She pressed a gift on us that we could not refuse.
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press on something

to push or depress something, such as a button, catch, snap, etc. Press on this button if you require room service. Don't press on this because it rings a loud bell.
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press on(ward)

to continue; to continue to try. Don't give up! Press onward! I have lots to do. I must press on.
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press on

1. To apply direct pressure to something: I pressed on the edge of the table, and it tipped over.
2. To continue doing something with determination and despite setbacks: Despite their exhaustion, the climbers pressed on toward the summit.
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The extension of anti-worker ESMA provisions to the national flag carrier was a recipe for its further degradation besides supporting the incumbent management that was not prepared to introduce improved safety procedures that pilots had been pressing upon. This speaks volumes of how the inept PIA management was scheming to endanger the life of passengers and the aircraft, the PML-N media cell release said.
Now it is surely clear in the deplorable state of the Church today that a profound and widespread necessity for holy Catholic sacraments and faithful Catholic teaching is pressing upon us.
Sportswriters of a particular liberal-sensitive cast have spent three decades patiently pressing upon their readers the demographic inevitability of soccer's conquest of the American sporting scene.
It's not as though the needs have gone away, it's just that if long-term care is looking for any help from Washington with the many serious issues pressing upon it, this could be one disappointing year.
Levine challenges us to reread both these figures and their texts, and to reach for an understanding of antebellum literature that recognizes that authors stand on uncertain and shifting cultural ground, and that they adjust constantly to meet the multiple forces pressing upon them.
Nor, if he knows of it, must the Emir rejoice in certain material that the Iraqis are pressing upon journalists in Baghdad.
Is it not a delusion to substitute for the individual with his real motives, with multifarious social circumstances pressing upon him, the abstraction of "free will"--one among the many qualities of man for man himself!
To conform is to have some external force pressing upon us.