press (all) the right buttons

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press (all) the right buttons

To do something very skillfully and in a way that produces the best or desired result. While the movie's plot is a bit thin, its charming 1980s aesthetic pushes all the right buttons. I must have hit the right buttons, because they've asked me back for a second interview.
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press the right button


press the right buttons

If someone presses the right button or presses the right buttons, they skilfully do the things to have the effect they want. It is hard to know if you're pressing the right buttons because one reader's fantasy is another reader's yawn. Note: You can also say that someone presses all the right buttons. In what it describes as a well-judged performance, the newspaper says he pressed all the right buttons to please the representatives. Note: Verbs such as push and hit are sometimes used instead of press. In later talks with the chairman, he helped his cause by pushing all the right buttons.
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Many have asked me why the car took off in our executive marketplace and my view is that it looked a bit like a Bentley from the front and the old Rover P5 of the 1960-70s from the rear - pressing all the right buttons this side of the Atlantic.
He's pressing all the right buttons so far and his attitude is spot on compared to George Burley's.
With Frank Lampard pressing all the right buttons, the Blues rediscovered the X Factor which had been missing in that defeat to Liverpool.
Already he is pressing all the right buttons with talk of attacking football and a new era of openness and honesty.
They know that in highly competitive areas, the personal statement is scored in some rather opaque way and their chances of getting even an interview, depend on the statement pressing all the right buttons.
And Boothroyd has ordered his runaway Championship leaders to keep pressing all the right buttons against West Brom in their reunion with old favourite Paul Robinson at Vicarage Road.
And Bellamy was certainly pressing all the right buttons as he put pen to paper in Glasgow yesterday, stressing that he is a 'winner' who will do any job asked of him by the Hoops management.
Normal service may have been resumed as four-day cricket returned to New Road yesterday, but nothing had changed as far as the identity of the main man pressing all the right buttons.
As Foreign Secretary though, he is supposed to be "in charge" and could have been pressing all the right buttons to get another plane when time is of the essence.
But, most likely, your partner is pressing all the right buttons and that's nothing to be embarrassed about.
BLACKBURN boss Mark Hughes is pressing all the right buttons now that his computer programme is up and running.
PUPILS were pressing all the right buttons at Radio Ceredigion as Careers Wales marked its formal recognition as a bilingual company from the Welsh Language Board.
SIZZLING Steven Gerrard is Pressing all the right buttons for Liverpool again - after being ordered to ignore the sports pages.