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press (one's) luck

To risk losing the good favor or fortune one has garnered thus far by brashly or overconfidently seeking more. I know you're in the boss's good graces now, but don't press your luck: she's been known to turn on people for getting too cocky. I've had some good winnings at blackjack, but I don't think I should press my luck any further.
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press the panic button

To overreact to a negative situation with an inordinate amount of fear, alarm, or confusion. If you're going to be a successful boss, you can't press the panic button every time your company has a minor setback. New parents tend to press the panic button over every little sniffle their first baby gets.
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press (someone's) buttons

1. To do things that create a very strong emotional reaction in someone, especially anger, irritation, or exasperation. I hate Dave's new boyfriend—he's always trying to press my buttons, and he's doing a good job of it! No one will be able to press your buttons like your children, but it's all a part of the adventure of parenthood.
2. To be sexually attractive or arousing to someone. Did you see that waitress over at the other table? Man, she presses my buttons.
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press the panic button

See also: button, panic, press
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A recent success for membrane pressing of Kydex sheet is the Kiva line of "space-age" office furniture by Herman Miller Co.
Membrane pressing for Herman Miller is done by H&R Wood Specialties in Gobles, Mich.
In view of good prospects for growth in solid surfacing, some thermoformers hope to cross-transfer their expertise to membrane pressing, Southard says.
If an opposing team continually takes the ball out of bounds from their left side, the pressing team can switch the tight side and the wide sides of their "1 Press.
Geschmay possesses a strong technical capability and proven product and application skills, especially on high-speed machines in both pressing and drying.
The resistance of those cylinders further reduces the effective pressing tonnage.
Both series have a central pressing cylinder, two rapid opening and closing cylinders, and four pushback parallelism cylinders.
Then the platen is locked in position by pistons pressing against guide columns.
ROOKS: A highlight of your early career was your work with the Extended Nip Press--it has become file dominant pressing technology in every grade.
We got excited when the results showed that extended nip pressing could dramatically improve press water removal.
Eventually, I switched over to the Pressing Committee, which later became the Wet Pressing Subcommittee of the Water Removal Committee.
This comprehensive UB routine involves the alternation of pressing and pulling movements--a one-for-one routine for both the anterior and posterior muscles.
The shoe press is a revolutionary development related to of a number of products designed to improve pressing, including:
The first step in designing an upper body DP is to determine whether to target the primary pressing muscles (i.
For example, if we want to target the pressing muscles, the DP could be set up in the following manner: Bench Press (10-8-6), Lat Pulldown (8), Seated Military Press (10-8-6), Seated Row (8), Incline Press (10-8-6), and Dumbbell Row (8).