press (all) the right buttons

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press (all) the right buttons

To do something very skillfully and in a way that produces the best or desired result. While the movie's plot is a bit thin, its charming 1980s aesthetic pushes all the right buttons. I must have hit the right buttons, because they've asked me back for a second interview.
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press the right button


press the right buttons

If someone presses the right button or presses the right buttons, they skilfully do the things to have the effect they want. It is hard to know if you're pressing the right buttons because one reader's fantasy is another reader's yawn. Note: You can also say that someone presses all the right buttons. In what it describes as a well-judged performance, the newspaper says he pressed all the right buttons to please the representatives. Note: Verbs such as push and hit are sometimes used instead of press. In later talks with the chairman, he helped his cause by pushing all the right buttons.
See also: button, press, right
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is only heard when a player presses the right button. Following Chion, Collins sees these moments of multimodal congruity (or incongruity) as having potential for new associations--"haptic recontextualizations"--that enhance the gameplay experience (39).
For a white that's also a fair bet, Fairhills Chenin Blanc/Chardonnay (pounds 5.24 from Asda) is a crisp and full wine from South Africa that presses the right buttons.
TOp TeLLi is A visiOn Mario turns it on to silence taunts ManCity 4 AstonVilla 1 YOu never know what presses the right buttons with Mario Balotelli - but opposing fans should watch out they don't push the wrong one.
But for New Yorker Ed Hamell, a story-teller with a battered acoustic guitar made in 1937, it's a truthful word that presses the right buttons for all the right reasons; this time last year, Ed had already walked away with a prestigious Fringe award.
Mr Wigley said, 'We need to continue to get the message across that we are the alternative to the Labour Party, it's a matter of who presses the right buttons.'