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A politician, particularly one running for office and apt to meet, talk to, and shake hands with (i.e., "press the flesh of") many different people. There's no way you'll win the election if you aren't a flesh-presser with your constituents.

palm presser

1. slang A politician, especially one who makes a show of having a favorable public appearance (as by shaking hands). Sometimes hyphenated. The palm pressers that run our country care more about prolonging their careers than actually pushing through meaningful legislation.
2. slang Any person who makes a point of greeting, meeting, or socializing with a lot of people, especially because of some agenda or ulterior motive. Sometimes hyphenated. The conference was full of eager palm pressers trying to give you a sales pitch and foist their business cards into your hand.
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and palm-presser
n. a politician. Being a flesh-presser is risky during flu season. A palm-presser came to our door to ask us what we thought about his issues.


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The graphic also reveals that when the ground was good to soft or faster, a significantly higher percentage of winners were pressers rather than leaders, but on soft or heavy, the opposite relationship is evident as the leaders outperformed the pressers.
A weighty 44.2 per cent of York races on good to soft or faster ground have been won by pressers, and punters who like to trade in-running should certainly bear this is mind over the next three days.
However, pressers are clearly less effective in deep ground.
He pointed out to the existence of a lot of olive pressers engraved in rocks and at least four inns exceeding the needs of the villagers.
The pressers and inns in the village have for long been on the mind of researchers and travelers wondering at their existence in great numbers around the massive church.
Head of Archeological Excavation and Restoration at Idleb Antiquities Department, Anas Haj Zidan, pointed out that the archeological village encompasses a broken sarcophagus and about four inns located at the southwest part of the village, in addition to several olive pressers.