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palm presser

1. slang A politician, especially one who makes a show of having a favorable public appearance (as by shaking hands). Sometimes hyphenated. The palm pressers that run our country care more about prolonging their careers than actually pushing through meaningful legislation.
2. slang Any person who makes a point of greeting, meeting, or socializing with a lot of people, especially because of some agenda or ulterior motive. Sometimes hyphenated. The conference was full of eager palm pressers trying to give you a sales pitch and foist their business cards into your hand.
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A politician, particularly one running for office and apt to meet, talk to, and shake hands with (i.e., "press the flesh of") many different people. There's no way you'll win the election if you aren't a flesh-presser with your constituents.


and palm-presser
n. a politician. Being a flesh-presser is risky during flu season. A palm-presser came to our door to ask us what we thought about his issues.


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Addressing the presser on Thursday, the minister for religious affairs said the remaining candidates would be selected in the next round of the balloting after the Islamabad High Court gave its final verdict over all petitions filed against the Hajj Policy 2018.
In a hurriedly called press conference, he said, if PML-N did not want to take questions of the journalists in the press conference, then what the need to call presser was?
Dr Farooq Sattar, only a day later, held another presser in which he announced to end the alliance with PSP.
Pakistan Muslim League-Nawaz (PML-N) members told the interior minister that he is an asset of the party, requested him to not hold the presser, and one federal minister even beseeched Ch Nisar by joining both hands in front of him told him.
The music critic James Huneker was one of the first writers to join Presser on the staff of the new magazine.
However, lead speaker at the presser was not Younis but Professor Dr Hasan Zafar Arif, a former Pakistan Peoples Party local leader, known for his staunch support of the PPPs militant arm, Al-Zulfiqar.
Also introduced during the presser are Cignal's Laura Rae Schaudt and Olympian Lynda Morales, Generika's Paulina Liutikova and Darlene Ramdin, Petron's Stephanie Niemer and Serena Warner and RC Cola's Hailir Ripley and Kiera Holst.
The suit said Presser was only made aware of this shortly before its release.
Tenders are invited for Purchases Of Muljet High Presser Machine
SO a university has decided, without holding a presser, that about a dozen words and phrases are problematic and should be banned from everyday use - and there are no plans to walk it back even if the announcement breaks the internet.
Selecting the correct machine settings, needle, presser foot and stitch plate prevents most bulk-related problems because the combination results in strong penetrating power that drives the needle through multiple heavyweight fabric layers and intersecting seams.
The world's most lavishly rewarded space bar presser THE TIMESSole writer & producer of s***loads of hit records CALVIN HARRIS
Before machine quilting, bring bobbin thread to the top of the quilt so it doesn't get caught as you quilt: lower presser foot, hold the top thread and take one stitch down and up, lift the presser foot to release the thread tension and tug on the top thread to draw a loop of the bobbin thread to the top of the quilt.
But before you could even say "carbon monoxide," Salem elected officials--aka selectmen--sent word that a congresswoman holding a presser is a no-no.
The stepping motor control type of automatic presser foot lifting device.