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A politician, particularly one running for office and apt to meet, talk to, and shake hands with (i.e., "press the flesh of") many different people. There's no way you'll win the election if you aren't a flesh-presser with your constituents.

palm presser

1. slang A politician, especially one who makes a show of having a favorable public appearance (as by shaking hands). Sometimes hyphenated. The palm pressers that run our country care more about prolonging their careers than actually pushing through meaningful legislation.
2. slang Any person who makes a point of greeting, meeting, or socializing with a lot of people, especially because of some agenda or ulterior motive. Sometimes hyphenated. The conference was full of eager palm pressers trying to give you a sales pitch and foist their business cards into your hand.
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and palm-presser
n. a politician. Being a flesh-presser is risky during flu season. A palm-presser came to our door to ask us what we thought about his issues.


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She further said after this presser my life is also in danger.
The Virtual Presser is an interactive online video platform where journalists based abroad can ask top government officials of the Duterte administration questions on the nation's pressing issues relevant to global conversation.
Chatri Sityodtong, the promotion's founder, chairman and CEO, said dos Anjos showed up at the presser to show his support as a 'good friend' of him for a long time now.
The press conference of the Gladiators skipper was scheduled as part of pressers held by captains of the franchises of the Pakistan Super League (PSL).
Broner, the 29-year-old challenger to Manny Pacquiao's WBA welterweight title, walked on the stage of the David Copperfield Theatre inside the MGM Grand with his trademark swagger to take part in the final presser for Saturday's big fight (Sunday Manila time).
People know the truth about the departure of the US diplomat involved in a road accident and people also know that the prime minister was 'lying in his presser' held immediately after the Natonal Security Council meeting.
Kabatesi hit at the media claiming they are doing a disservice and confusing Kenyans by mislabeling a presser called by ODM MPs a NASA presser while belittling a presser of the actual NASA MPs as an ANC/FK presser.
This book on law professors, Stephen Presser writes in the Preface, is a "love letter to the teaching of law" (p.
In what he calls a love letter to the teaching of law, Presser presents biographies of American (and two English) law professors in order to illuminate what holds American society together and to further the understanding of shared American values in an age when those values are more at risk than at any time for the last 60 years.
On the title page of the first issue of the new journal was the first half of a Latin phrase from Horace, "Omne tulit punctum qui miscuit utile dulci," translated by Presser as "He who mingles the useful with the agreeable carries off the prize." For the sake of brevity he omitted the second half of the aphorism, which makes the point specifically lirerary: "...lectorem delectando pariterque monendo" [by delighting and instructing the reader at the same time].
Various shots, Ban and Erdogan shaking hands and leaving the presser
Hungarian composer Babor Presser claims the rapper "knowingly and intentionally misappropriated" his 1969 composition Gyongyhaju lany.
SO a university has decided, without holding a presser, that about a dozen words and phrases are problematic and should be banned from everyday use - and there are no plans to walk it back even if the announcement breaks the internet.