press (someone or something) into service

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press (someone or something) into service

To force, coerce, or pressure someone or something into fulfilling a particular function or purpose. My uncle is an ordained minister, so maybe we can press him into service for our wedding. Our van broke down just ahead of our big road trip, so our tiny sedan had to be pressed into service.
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press someone or something into service

to force someone or something to serve or function. I don't think you can press him into service just yet. He isn't trained. I think that in an emergency, we could press this machine into service.
See also: press, service

press into service

Force someone or something to perform or function, as in Can I press you into service to help people find their coats? or The funeral drew such a large crowd that more chairs were pressed into service. This idiom transfers press in the sense of "seize and force someone to serve," as seamen once were, to other activities. It was first recorded in 1871.
See also: press, service

ˌpress somebody/something into ˈservice

use somebody/something for a purpose that they were not trained or intended for because there is nobody or nothing else available: Every type of boat was pressed into service to rescue passengers from the sinking ferry.This expression originally referred to forcing someone to join the army or navy.
References in classic literature ?
Martin was the only one capable of handling a boat, and he was pressed into service. Ruth sat near him in the stern, while the three young fellows lounged amidships, deep in a wordy wrangle over "frat" affairs.
Even so, several of them do not really belong to the series; composed in stanza forms, they are selected from his earlier poems and here pressed into service, and on the average they are less excellent than those which he wrote for their present places (in the rimed pentameter couplet that he adopted from the French).
Summary: Ballabgarh (Haryana) [India], Aug 29 (ANI): A major mishap was averted after a fire that was reported in the Hyderabad-New Delhi, Telangana Express, here on Thursday morning was doused after fire tenders were pressed into service immediately.
According to details on receiving information of the fire Fire Brigade tender were pressed into service to extinguish the fire and by that time four inmates had died, three succumbed to their injuries while on their way to hospital whereas a woman died during treatment in hospital.
Summary: 20 fire tenders were pressed into service to extinguish the blaze
Al Ammer said a total of 17 vehicles were pressed into service along with 74 personnel for this operation and the blaze was quickly controlled.
The state disaster management teams and the National Disaster Response Force (NDRF) personnel were pressed into service. The rescue efforts were on despite darkness, said local legislator V.
A team of fingerprint experts were also pressed into service. Preliminary inquiries revealed that robbers had gained entry into the bank by removing the iron grill of the window by using a gas cutting machine.
He was treated on the side of the pitch before being taken to hospital, with non-league referee Dean Treleaven - a spectator in the crowd - pressed into service to help Mike Dean and his assistants.
Local TV channels reported that some 20 fire fighters have been pressed into service to douse the flames and expressed fears that the flames could soon spread to a nearby forest area.
Two Immediate Support Vessels of the Navy and ONGC vessels were pressed into service to scour the crash area, about 82 nautical miles off south Mumbai Coast.
Firefighters from different Public Authority for Civil Defence and Ambulance (PACDA) units were pressed into service to put out the fire.
And since I love climbing plants, any fences or shed walls get pressed into service for climbers.
When it comes to purchasing and using blenders, younger bustling families are far in the lead among other households with children, particularly in affluent suburbs, where the handy appliance is presumably pressed into service most often for meal prep and smoothie making.
Although her spy days are long behind her, Rachel (Helen Mirren) is pressed into service to complete the operation.