press (all) the right buttons

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press (all) the right buttons

To do something very skillfully and in a way that produces the best or desired result. While the movie's plot is a bit thin, its charming 1980s aesthetic pushes all the right buttons. I must have hit the right buttons, because they've asked me back for a second interview.
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press the right button


press the right buttons

If someone presses the right button or presses the right buttons, they skilfully do the things to have the effect they want. It is hard to know if you're pressing the right buttons because one reader's fantasy is another reader's yawn. Note: You can also say that someone presses all the right buttons. In what it describes as a well-judged performance, the newspaper says he pressed all the right buttons to please the representatives. Note: Verbs such as push and hit are sometimes used instead of press. In later talks with the chairman, he helped his cause by pushing all the right buttons.
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He said all the right things, pressed all the right buttons. It turned out the actions came pretty easy to him as well.
He pressed all the right buttons and hit the Congress Party where it hurt most, harping on corruption, mis-governance and an abysmally low economic growth rate.
Peugeot public relations manager Kevin Jones said:"We wanted to do the photo shoot in a contemporary, modern and sophisticated location and Warwickshire Shopping Park pressed all the right buttons.
He's hamming it up, I suspect, because away from it all he speaks in more measured tones but challenging the authorities pressed all the right buttons with a support convinced they have been wronged by the game.
Lancaster has undoubtedly presided over a significant England improvement, he's pressed all the right buttons among the sponsors with his use of modern jargon, and under his command there has been a reconnection between the team and the rugby public following the World Cup shenanigans.
"GEORGE OSBORNE has pressed all the right buttons for business - but will it work?" Read Ian Hernon's Budget assessment.
They pressed all the right buttons for a region regenerating itself year by year.
A very good squad just needed directing and four wins in five suggest the super-talented Howe has pressed all the right buttons at Turf Moor.
"Yeah, Ronan came on and pressed all the right buttons.
It certainly pressed all the right buttons for me and, long before the end, this heart-warming comic tale had put me through the emotional mincer.
The former Wasps coach's performance in the public arena earlier this week pressed all the right buttons, and to my mind there are five key grounds for hope going into the clash with England in three weeks time and beyond.: Gatland's five issues tackled .
Northern Rock might - under this proposal - disappear as a High Street "name" but Virgin Money chief executive Jayne-Anne Gadhia pressed all the right buttons yesterday.
In a telling makeover, Nissan has pressed all the right buttons to transform its Primera.
The England and Arsenal ace had a secret fling with stunning Helena Tepper, who told how he "pressed all the right buttons".
GEORGE Osborne pressed all the right buttons for regional business, but the jury is out on whether it will work.