press (all) the right buttons

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press (all) the right buttons

To do something very skillfully and in a way that produces the best or desired result. While the movie's plot is a bit thin, its charming 1980s aesthetic pushes all the right buttons. I must have hit the right buttons, because they've asked me back for a second interview.
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press the right button


press the right buttons

If someone presses the right button or presses the right buttons, they skilfully do the things to have the effect they want. It is hard to know if you're pressing the right buttons because one reader's fantasy is another reader's yawn. Note: You can also say that someone presses all the right buttons. In what it describes as a well-judged performance, the newspaper says he pressed all the right buttons to please the representatives. Note: Verbs such as push and hit are sometimes used instead of press. In later talks with the chairman, he helped his cause by pushing all the right buttons.
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We may be sure that this will "press the right buttons" for many right wing supporters.
Is it going to work and are people going to press the right buttons? If Marco Silva didn't get the results coming out of the back of last season he could have gone.
Such service will continue throughout the day, weeks, years.Our elongated finger and thumb will press the right buttons for a "perfect" life.
He told me that his ovens are made to be powered up quickly and can be set to cook just about anything at the optimal temperature and with the least amount of energy, provided you press the right buttons. He also told me that in far too many kitchens he walks in, his ovens sit there fired up to 180 degrees almost 24/7.
The Pinoy Geeks certainly sing about physical connection, but given quirky song titles especially Hello Coolio (Tru Feelings), you gotta stay happy with melodic tunes which press the right buttons to entertain you for three minutes or less.
Trump and Boris are both right wingers, but they know how to press the right buttons with low income groups.
As an avid gamer, he always needs to be alert, ready to press the right buttons and make the right moves at the right time.
"I knew Victor, I had worked with him before, and I thought if he came here then I could press the right buttons and get him playing.
And after that I will ideally press the right buttons. I have already said that I don't see myself as almighty.
"We didn't make a lot of mistakes but he caught on to how things would work and how to press the right buttons to get players doing the right things.
If Nev and Marc press the right buttons and the lads perform to their full potential they can win the game.
I don't aspire to do three or four movies a year, but the ones that press the right buttons."
Nobody can say we have not enough to help them press the right buttons. If I can do it, anybody can do it!" He also looked forward to meeting supporters of S4C at a special Viewers' Evening at Clwyd Theatr Cymru in Mold on Tuesday at 7pm.