press on(ward)

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press on(ward)

To continue or try to do something with determination, especially in the face of hardships or setbacks. It was discouraging to learn that our budget had been cut, but we pressed on in the hopes of recovering our investment costs. We have to press onward; we've come too far to turn back now!
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press (up)on someone or something

to put pressure on someone or something. (Upon is formal and less commonly used than on.) The crowd pressed upon the child, squeezing out all his breath. The load presses on your car's springs very heavily.
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press something (up)on someone

to urge or force something on someone; to try to get someone to accept something. (Upon is formal and less commonly used than on.) He always presses second helpings upon his guests. She pressed a gift on us that we could not refuse.
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press on something

to push or depress something, such as a button, catch, snap, etc. Press on this button if you require room service. Don't press on this because it rings a loud bell.
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press on(ward)

to continue; to continue to try. Don't give up! Press onward! I have lots to do. I must press on.
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press on

1. To apply direct pressure to something: I pressed on the edge of the table, and it tipped over.
2. To continue doing something with determination and despite setbacks: Despite their exhaustion, the climbers pressed on toward the summit.
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When their CamelBak hydration systems were depleted, the marines could resupply from GUSS and press onward.
Sometimes it is the storyteller who changes, fortifying herself to press onward toward discovery and articulation despite confronting each step of the way inner and outer barricades; other times, it is one of the listeners who exchanges places with the storyteller, taking up the exploration of "back then" and "what came next" because she is distanced (and hence protected) from personal involvement in the original events.
And although the temptation may be to return to the old way of things or to simply preserve what we have left, God's word tells us to not be afraid nor discouraged, but to press onward.
Having achieved its main goal, it does not feel the need to press onward, so it presses sideways.
We must not stop at instrumental justifications for society, argues Hittinger, but should press onward to ask whether association offers any intrinsic good or perfection to the persons who engage in it (265-70).
We think our report highlights our members' efforts in all the areas and fully expect they will continue to press onward in the journey towards sustainability," said Frank Hurd, CARE chairman and CRI vice president.
He saw Bella Coola culture as a dying way of life: "Though the individual may suffer, civilization must press onward and the life of the Indian will soon disappear" (p.
Nobody knows how long the cleanup of the shambles will press onward.
As retailers, manufacturers and broadcasters press onward with HDTV, the satellite industry is also positioning itself for the age of digital television.