press (all) the right buttons

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press (all) the right buttons

To do something very skillfully and in a way that produces the best or desired result. While the movie's plot is a bit thin, its charming 1980s aesthetic pushes all the right buttons. I must have hit the right buttons, because they've asked me back for a second interview.
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press the right button


press the right buttons

If someone presses the right button or presses the right buttons, they skilfully do the things to have the effect they want. It is hard to know if you're pressing the right buttons because one reader's fantasy is another reader's yawn. Note: You can also say that someone presses all the right buttons. In what it describes as a well-judged performance, the newspaper says he pressed all the right buttons to please the representatives. Note: Verbs such as push and hit are sometimes used instead of press. In later talks with the chairman, he helped his cause by pushing all the right buttons.
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Robert Bolick proved unstoppable down the stretch, Donald Tankoua was a force inside the paint all series long, and returning coach Boyet Fernandez seemed to press all the right buttons under pressure as the Lions came out victorious in one of their most challenging seasons since their dynasty started 12 years ago.
It's a supermini that's been jacked up a bit to give a crossover look and seems to press all the right buttons for buyers who don't want big outlay but require big value.
The 49-year-old has been impressed with what he's seen of the PPG Canalside squad so far and is desperate to help manager Mark Robins press all the right buttons from August 9 onwards.
The Foxhunter does not press all the right buttons for me and in the lack of serious information from my mate in the Barbour jaicket and PS100 wellies I'll throw my money at TAMMYS HILL (4.00).
If a player is a chippy type, a mouthy type or maybe a joker that isn't taking things seriously it is down to the manager to channel that and press all the right buttons to make sure that individual produces the goods.
The Cockney charmer knew how to press all the right buttons too when he told the workers: "You can go anywhere in the world and people will be talking about these bikes made in Meriden." Nowadays that would of course be Hinckley.
The Portuguese would press all the right buttons by calling it on with Chelsea and Arsenal.
"The environmentally friendly theme of the project should press all the right buttons with people who realise that the whole country needs to clean up its act.
Your attractiveness and potential to press all the right buttons in lovers is super-sharp and you don't really care who knows it.
Big Al is our fitness and motivation coach and he knows how to press all the right buttons. Sometimes it's a laugh and a joke, sometimes it's more quiet and concentrated, but whatever it is, he's got everything planned and knows what to say.
There's also a large indoor interactive discovery centre, designed to press all the right buttons to excite even the most hardened little computer-game addicts.
They both press all the right buttons but I'll go for Xenon.
She knows just when to press all the right buttons.