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press (something) (up)on (one)

To urge or try to persuade someone to take or accept something. Despite our protests, my parents pressed the money on us to help pay for the wedding. He pressed the documents on the reporter, stating that it would be a huge story.
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press on (someone or something)

To apply physical force or pressure to someone or something. As the bus filled with people, the man sitting next to me started pressing on me against the window. The bookcase is a bit unstable, so don't press on it too hard or it may topple over.
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press on(ward)

To continue or try to do something with determination, especially in the face of hardships or setbacks. It was discouraging to learn that our budget had been cut, but we pressed on in the hopes of recovering our investment costs. We have to press onward; we've come too far to turn back now!
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press (up)on someone or something

to put pressure on someone or something. (Upon is formal and less commonly used than on.) The crowd pressed upon the child, squeezing out all his breath. The load presses on your car's springs very heavily.
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press something (up)on someone

to urge or force something on someone; to try to get someone to accept something. (Upon is formal and less commonly used than on.) He always presses second helpings upon his guests. She pressed a gift on us that we could not refuse.
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press on something

to push or depress something, such as a button, catch, snap, etc. Press on this button if you require room service. Don't press on this because it rings a loud bell.
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press on(ward)

to continue; to continue to try. Don't give up! Press onward! I have lots to do. I must press on.
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press on

1. To apply direct pressure to something: I pressed on the edge of the table, and it tipped over.
2. To continue doing something with determination and despite setbacks: Despite their exhaustion, the climbers pressed on toward the summit.
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The triple appointment comes after a period of sustained growth at Press Ahead, which has enjoyed a series of recent contract wins.
Kieron Goldsborough, managing director at Press Ahead, said: "We really admire the work of Redcar & Cleveland College, in particular the way in which they align their courses and wider service provision to the needs of the local community, local businesses and the jobs market.
Company founder Russell Borthwick has left Press Ahead to take on the managing director role for the North East division of Trinity Mirror, publishers of The Journal and its sister papers The Chronicle and The Sunday Sun, having previously worked for the group in a variety of senior positions.
The current senior team at Press Ahead, led by creative director Kieron Goldsborough, is currently finalising a management buyout that will ensure continuity for staff, customers and suppliers.
Brussels: The European Union will press ahead with duties on billions of euros of Chinese solar panels despite resistance from Germany, people close to the matter said on Tuesday, while also pursuing negotiations with Beijing to resolve the dispute.
After indications that Peel's post-panamax berth plans for the River Mersey were being put on hold because of the state of the economy, the decision not just to press ahead, but to double the size of the planned berth, is bold and exciting.
But Mr Duncan Smith vowed to press ahead with the tests.
And she said she was "minded" to press ahead with the plan.
The long-running postal dispute escalated last night after two fresh 48-hour strikes were called for next month and the Royal Mail pledged to press ahead with changes to services, including the scrapping of Sunday collections.
However, he praised the foresight of those involved in building for the future, explaining, "If you go back and look at some of the great projects in the city, many were started when the city had economic difficulties, but our ancestors had the foresight to press ahead.
MILITANT farmers have pledged to press ahead with plans for direct action after reaching an impasse in negotiations with supermarket giant Tesco.
School governors and Gwynedd education authority are both keen to press ahead within the plan and hope the new school can be built within the next couple of years.
A FIFA spokesman has said it is "strictly forbidden" for an agent to own any part of the player, but Villa have been assured by the FA that they can press ahead with the deal.
Despite the questions about casualties, officials vowed to press ahead with the air war and predicted that a heavy night of bombardment - including aircraft and cruise missiles fired from ships in the Adriatic - was expected across the country.
Board members promised to press ahead with private funding, but the voters had other ideas.