press against

press something against someone or something

to push or force something against someone or something. The person in line behind Betty kept pressing his elbow against her. I pressed my hand against the door and it opened.
See also: press

press against someone or something

to push or bear upon someone or something. I pressed against Henry, trying gently to get him to move out of the way. Don't press against the glass door!
See also: press
References in classic literature ?
The sides of the walls seem to close in, even to press against him.
Those who had fallen asleep, roused themselves; and every person in the crowd made one last effort to better his position-- which caused a press against the sturdy barriers that made them bend and yield like twigs.
Shah Muhammad Leghari along with wife and children staged a sit-in demonstration outside local press against accused who kidnapped their daughter, Sania leghari some one ago from Mohalla Kamaluddin Solangi.
They slump in a chair and allow the middle portion of the sacrum and coccyx to press against a chair.
He also vowed to defend the Press against anything that may affect its crucial role.
SWAT/ISLAMABAD, 28 April , 2009 (Balochistan Times) -- Taliban have threatened media of dire consequences if any statement or report is published in the press against them.
SWAT/ISLAMABAD, 28 April , 2009 (Frontier Star) -- Taliban have threatened media of dire consequences if any statement or report is published in the press against them.
We're always down for one last sweaty summer hurrah at Le Poisson Rouge, especially when we have Bass Ale to press against our foreheads (and consume
Pulled down by Earth's gravity, these molecules press against your skin with a pressure of 1 atmosphere, or 14.
As the offensive coordinators become more astute in their schematics such as crossing routes, bubble screens, and crafty pre-snap motions, it becomes difficult not to play man press against them.
The last such period was around 1969-1970, and the frenzy in the liberal press against the electoral college was almost unbelievable.
Dogs can lower your blood pressure but it doesn't lower mine to read constant attacks of bad press against dogs.
But doctors discovered ink from the midfielder's tattoos had caused an inflamed lymphatic gland and began to press against a nerve.
They will come when I call, press against woven wire/even though I call them to the gleaming hook.
You can also assign a speed-dial to each finger, automatically calling a number depending on which tip you press against the sensor.