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preside at (something)

To exercise authority or control at some meeting, ceremony, or other event. Janet was elected to preside at the board meeting while Tom was absent. They asked me if I wanted to preside at the graduation ceremony, but I declined.
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preside over (someone or something)

To supervise and have authority over someone or something; to control how someone or something operates. The head of the department will preside over the faculty meeting. It just felt like our relationship with Mike fell apart after he got that promotion and began presiding over our team.
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preside at something

to manage or act as chair at a meeting or a ceremony. The mayor presided at the meeting, assuring that the speeches would be very short. She presided at the ceremony.
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preside over something

to be in control of the order and procedures of a meeting or ceremony. The vice president will have to preside over the next meeting. I will be glad to preside over the discussion.
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preside over

To have or exercise authority over something or someone; be in charge of something or someone: The vice president presided over the committee meeting because the president was absent.
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The Florida Bar's Rules of Judicial Administration Committee has submitted to the Florida Supreme Court an out-of-cycle report proposing amendments to Rule of Judicial Administration 2.215(b)(10), which governs the training requirements for judges qualified to preside over death penalty cases.
(A) The chief judge shall not assign a judge to preside over a capital case in which the state is seeking the death penalty, or collateral proceedings brought by a death row inmate, until that judge has become qualified to do so by:
* A 1789 Act of Congress required Supreme Court Justices to preside twice a year over circuit courts scattered throughout the country.
Indeed, the omission of any such exception can scarcely have been accidental, for the impeachment clause specifically provides that the Chief Justice, not the Vice President, presides when the President of the United States is impeached.
It follows that the Senate may not, consistent with the "President of the Senate" clause, effectively deprive its president of the power to preside by making his rulings impotent or by vesting a superior power to preside in some other officer, or in a committee, or in the body as a whole.
Time Topic 8:00 Tripoli, Koura Greek Orthodox Metropolitan Archbishop Ephram Kyriakos presides over Christmas Mass at Saint George Cathedral in Zaheria, Tripoli 9:00 Beirut Greek Orthodox Archbishop Elias Audeh presides over Christmas Mass at St.