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dead president

n. a piece of U.S. paper money. (Refers to the pictures of presidents on the bills.) This silly magazine costs three dead presidents!
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President Wilson

n. an erection. (Punning on Woodrow = woody Wilson.) I am always happy to see President Wilson come round.
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Javed Hashmi resigned from party presidentship while the members of his group faced problems due to upper hand of Shah Mehmood Qureshi's group at local level PTI politics.
Today BJP held its parliamentary board under presidentship of Nitin Gadkari.
I think the presidentship issue could be on-the-table.
But given a chance will you accept the presidentship in future?
and held presidentship of Rawalpindi Chamber of Commerce and Industry (1991-92).
Srinivasan reportedly told some of his trusted lieutenants and some not- so- trusted colleagues in clear cut terms that he was going to opt for BCCI's presidentship after " doing away" with ownership of IPL franchisee Chennai Super Kings.
Hashmi also clarified that he had never demanded presidentship of PTI and also disclosed that Shah Mehmood Qureshi had joined the party on condition of being made vice chairman.
They were addressing a high level meeting held here today at their residence under presidentship of Ch Shujat Hussain.
I would not want to continue as a member of council under his presidentship," he said.
Ongoing consultations are to face the campaign against the Presidentship and maintain equilibrium within the Lebanese political system while handling the proposals of the President and the Premier designate with optimism," Harb said after the meeting.
The Russian renaissance took place under Vladimir Putin's presidentship, eight years after the collapse of the Soviet Union.
Pagara insists to remove Nawaz Sharif from the Presidentship of Punjab Muslim League in accordance with the constitution of Pakistan Muslim League as Nawaz Sharif is holding the portfolio of Punjab Chief Minister.
MULTAN -- Senior politician Makhdoom Javed Hashmi on Wednesday announced to resign from PTI presidentship and its basic membership.
We get the first bite at presidentship and perhaps at best a dozen international salary jobs.
The meeting was held under the presidentship of Lt.