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preserve someone or something against something

to guard or protect someone or something against something. (Stilted or old-fashioned in reference to people.) I hope that the vaccine will preserve us against influenza. There is nothing in the jam to preserve it against spoilage.
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preserve someone or something from someone or something

to protect or guard someone or something from someone or something. Please help preserve our people from the attacks of our enemies. Is there any way to preserve my skin against the harmful rays of the sun?
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preserve something for someone or something

to save, maintain, or protect something for someone or some thing. Try to preserve some of these memories for your grandchildren. We learned how to preserve leaves for future reference.
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well preserved

Aging gracefully, still in good condition, as in I can't believe she's 65; she's certainly well preserved. [Mid-1800s]
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mod. alcohol intoxicated. (see also pickled.) He drank a quart of vodka and is totally preserved.
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states and territories for preserving significant state and local government information in digital form.
Historically, government agencies, museums and archives are the keepers of Canada's cultural past and it was assumed that they would also take care of preserving Canada's audiovisual works.
Strict adherence to a policy of preserving nature represents an assertion of nature's independence of human domination.
For more than 150 years, photography has shaped our lives, preserving precious memories of people, places and events.
These new monies are essential to preserving our rapidly dwindling open space and farmland," said Michael White, chair of the Long Island Chapter of the New York League of Conservation Voters.
We could tap no better community resources than these dedicated professionals versed in the science of preserving neighborhoods.
Last week in Edmonton, Alberta, at the 24th annual meeting of the Society for Cryobiology, Southard reported that in dog studies, his group has extended the preservation times for a number of organs by using a preserving solution originally developed by Southard's co-worker Folkert O.
The commissioners have honored the city's original purpose in acquiring these lands, and have served both present and future generations of local residents by preserving them.
The idea for preserving the lake property came from an analyst for the Rivers and Mountains Conservancy, created by state law to acquire and preserve open space.
Although less a factor in the private sector, archivists in government are especially concerned about preserving records of historical value that may appear on Web sites.
The bank refused to provide any funds to assist the receiver in preserving the property.
Texaco shares The Nature Conservancy's commitment to preserving the natural beauty of Cypress Island Preserve," said Wallace.
Thanks to the leadership of the Oregon and Washington congressional delegations, the dedication of the National Park Service and the support of our partners, we are preserving the region's natural resources, cultural heritage and historic sites and helping to strengthen its economy for future generations.
They have a plan whereby they're preserving different kinds of land - playgrounds, ecological preserves, historic sites,'' he said.
The bill would create two new anti-shredding felonies designed to set clear requirements for preserving financial audit documents and close loopholes in current laws.