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preserve someone or something against something

to guard or protect someone or something against something. (Stilted or old-fashioned in reference to people.) I hope that the vaccine will preserve us against influenza. There is nothing in the jam to preserve it against spoilage.
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preserve someone or something from someone or something

to protect or guard someone or something from someone or something. Please help preserve our people from the attacks of our enemies. Is there any way to preserve my skin against the harmful rays of the sun?
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preserve something for someone or something

to save, maintain, or protect something for someone or some thing. Try to preserve some of these memories for your grandchildren. We learned how to preserve leaves for future reference.
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well preserved

Aging gracefully, still in good condition, as in I can't believe she's 65; she's certainly well preserved. [Mid-1800s]
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mod. alcohol intoxicated. (see also pickled.) He drank a quart of vodka and is totally preserved.
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Van Patten Woods Forest Preserve, near Antioch, IL;
The average preserve accommodates between 10 and 20 hunters at a time, most commonly for three or four nights of lodging with two or three days spent in the field stalking birds.
He says attempts to preserve fertility by freezing ovarian tissue remains experimental.
The only way we can save these preserves is to bring in Western scientists and Western money," Rhodes argues.
In general, the game preserves are divided into three price categories: Category A, up to $100 per night; Category B, $101-$300 per night; and Category C, $301 and over per night.
Preservation is problematic because nature is a volatile, dynamic system that does not lend itself to preservation in the sense that we preserve works of art.
In exchange for the county's commitment to preserve the original lot as public park land and McDonald's commitment to abandon its plans to develop that parcel, CAGA agreed that it would not contest the sale or development of the replacement lot.
The citys preserve video library has grown to 10 separate features.
Canning & Preserving Your Own Harvest is a no-nonsense, step-by-step guide to properly (and safely--improper canning can promote food poisoning) preserving one's food, from freezing, drying, and canning to creating a root cellar, making fruit preserves, pickling, and much more.
Tuesday's purchase preserves a sensitive ecosystem inhabited by deer, raccoons and mountain lions, with green vistas and oak trees, he said.
On the other hand, if the system creates and preserves information, then it is crucial to determine exactly what has been created and how it is preserved.
He also organized volunteer work parties at various preserves.
The problem is that a conventional fluid that preserves the liver, for example, may damage other organs such as the kidneys.