preserve for

preserve (something) for (someone or something)

To keep something in an intact, unaltered, or protected condition for some future person or need. I want to preserve this specimen for inspection at our labs. He has done everything in his power to preserve this vast estate for his children and his children's children. I want to preserve this dress for my daughter so she can wear it on her wedding day.
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preserve something for someone or something

to save, maintain, or protect something for someone or some thing. Try to preserve some of these memories for your grandchildren. We learned how to preserve leaves for future reference.
See also: preserve
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For the second consecutive year, The Newhall Land and Farming Company has leased the goats to eat non-native grasses and other unwanted plants in a 152-acre preserve for oak trees near the Tournament Players Club off Valencia Boulevard near Interstate 5.
2 -- color -- ran in SAC edition only) Billy the kid, sporting his goat-tee, takes a break from grazing on non-native grasses in a preserve for oak trees.
In most of the eastern Antelope Valley, a developer will have to buy an acre of preserve for each acre of development.
However, in the foothills of the Pearblossom and Valyermo area - as well as in areas north of Lake Los Angeles, northeast of California City and northwest of Mojave and along part of the southern edge of Edwards Air Force Base - developers would have to buy five acres of preserve for every acre they build on.
In California City, for example, where the city is helping Hyundai build an automotive test track, the city was first told it had to buy an acre of preserve for every acre used for the test track, City Manager Jack Stewart said.
2 -- ran in AV edition only) Tippi Hedren takes in the tranquillity of a pond, also enjoyed by elephants, at her preserve for exotic animals.
Visitors will be able to wander among Joshua trees, California junipers and sand dunes and learn about the high desert's plant and animal inhabitants in a city preserve for which ground was ceremoniously broken Wednesday.
Each year, hundreds of schoolchildren, from all parts of the city and county, come into the nature preserve for an ``open-air classroom.