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preserve someone or something against something

to guard or protect someone or something against something. (Stilted or old-fashioned in reference to people.) I hope that the vaccine will preserve us against influenza. There is nothing in the jam to preserve it against spoilage.
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preserve someone or something from someone or something

to protect or guard someone or something from someone or something. Please help preserve our people from the attacks of our enemies. Is there any way to preserve my skin against the harmful rays of the sun?
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preserve something for someone or something

to save, maintain, or protect something for someone or some thing. Try to preserve some of these memories for your grandchildren. We learned how to preserve leaves for future reference.
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well preserved

Aging gracefully, still in good condition, as in I can't believe she's 65; she's certainly well preserved. [Mid-1800s]
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mod. alcohol intoxicated. (see also pickled.) He drank a quart of vodka and is totally preserved.
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The devastation from Ebola in the Republic of the Congo arose in part because the lush habitat in the preserve and in Odzala Park supports a dense population of apes.
Green River Preserve offers several special programs above and beyond its traditional summer camp sessions.
The industry is now dealing with a whole new group of original, born-digital records that need to be preserved and accessed over time in a way that preserves content as well as their dynamic features.
The partners will select and preserve institutional digital archives and other institutionally relevant born-digital materials such as electronic theses and dissertations, as well as ephemeral works such as online exhibitions and cultural history Web site displays.
Although scientists currently believe that egg loss after anticancer therapy occurs to preserve the integrity of the genome, he says, recent research suggests that the ceramide cascade works to eliminate eggs based on activation of membrane-based signaling pathways independent of DNA damage.
John Peluch, area west supervisor and enforcement supervisor with the Ministry of Natural Resources in Chapleau, agrees the game preserve, with its "abundance of wildlife," has untapped potential for ecotourism revolving around wildlife observation.
For DNA evidence to meet legal and scientific requirements for admissibility in court, investigators must follow certain procedures to preserve the DNA evidence properly and to prevent decomposition and deterioration.
Nevertheless, the preserve is a unique place in the world both for the species that inhabit it and for its natural beauty, which we should preserve.
Ninety-four nature preserves in Russia that are thought to be the only virgin preserves in the world are in danger from economic pressures.
The former clothing mogul has spent more than $10 million on "Pumalin Park," the largest privately-owned nature preserve in the world.
If you want to visit a private game preserve, both champagne and beer budget packages are available.
We are gradually realizing that there is not much left to preserve in its pristine state anyway.
The preserve covers more than 30,000 acres of some of the most scenic lands in the Valley.
Smith regularly leads organized bird-watching walks in west Lancaster's Prime Desert Woodland Preserve, and he was instrumental in the establishment of the Antelope Valley's first Audubon Society subchapter, which meets at the preserve.