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present (itself)

To suddenly arise or emerge, as of a situation or opportunity. When the opportunity for a great job like this presents itself, you have to apply. You just might get it! A: "Come on, Bill—the chance to make this kind of money doesn't present itself every day!" B: "Rob, you'd have to pay me to take part in this cockamamie scheme."
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present (oneself)

To behave in a way that ideally fosters a particular view of oneself in other people. A: "How did he present himself in the interview?" B: "Not well. He was disorganized and, frankly, kind of rude." The candidate presented himself as a stark contrast to the incumbent president throughout his campaign.
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present someone (to someone) (at something)

to introduce someone to someone at some event. They presented him to the queen at her birthday party. I will present you to the rest of the committee.
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Since 2010 - the presenter of the talk show "Hang tight!"
d e es ain salarie r s Sarah Montague, presenter of Radio 4's The World At One, is up approximately PS80,000, while radio DJ Vanessa Feltz has seen an increase of around PS25,000.
Former England and Arsenal striker Ian Wright is the only other presenter and pundit listed on PS170,000-PS179,999.
PS300,000-PS349,999 Sue Barker, the Question of Sport presenter.
If you are interested in a certain presenter, be open to however they may want to incorporate you into their season.
Company of the Year (16-50) Sponsor: OLG Presenter: Gina Labelle, Host at OLG Slots Sudbury Winner: Morin Industrial (Lively) Recipient: Rick Morin, Owner & Operator
"Those who criticize Saudi media only want to put down the accomplishments of Saudi women and destroy the image of our country," said presenter Afaf Al-Mohsin in response to the remarks.
Click Teesside presenter Tom Salmon said: "I just love presenting for the radio and I have so much fun with it.
Named Discovery, the equipment consists of two synchronised video iPod camera systems which film the presenter and the audience simultaneously.
Presenter: Ibrahim Hamide, local human rights activist.
1:00-1:45pm Topic: State of the Economy Presenter: Chris Kuehl, Ph.D., Armada Corporate Intelligence