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present (itself)

To suddenly arise or emerge, as of a situation or opportunity. When the opportunity for a great job like this presents itself, you have to apply. You just might get it! A: "Come on, Bill—the chance to make this kind of money doesn't present itself every day!" B: "Rob, you'd have to pay me to take part in this cockamamie scheme."
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present (oneself)

To behave in a way that ideally fosters a particular view of oneself in other people. A: "How did he present himself in the interview?" B: "Not well. He was disorganized and, frankly, kind of rude." The candidate presented himself as a stark contrast to the incumbent president throughout his campaign.
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present someone (to someone) (at something)

to introduce someone to someone at some event. They presented him to the queen at her birthday party. I will present you to the rest of the committee.
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Ms Asiya Naz Tanoli presented the report of National Assembly Standing Committee on Cabinet Secretariat on the Bill to provide for a health insurance scheme for disabled persons and for matters connected therewith or incidental thereto (The Health Insurance Scheme for Disabled Persons Bill, 2017.
Chairman, Standing Committee on Housing and Works, Shahi Syed presented first report of the committee for the period from July, 2012 to January, 2015.
Perhaps when difficult cases are presented at the start of the instructional sequence, learners who struggle with the material and find a solution are better able to confirm the effectiveness of their strategy and find less difficult cases easier to solve.
Originally presented at the annual meeting of the Pittsburgh Surgical Society; Jan.
New Member Involvement Award: Using the same criteria as the Achievement Award, the New Member Award is presented to a member of no more than five years' standing.
The premier event in women's basketball, the "WBCA Night of All-Stars" features the WBCA High School All-America Game, presented by Nike and the WBCA All-Star Challenge.
For the TPE market, ExxonMobil and PolyOne presented new polyolefin-based TPV grades with improved adherence to polar materials in over-molding applications.
The MATSG-53 Color Guard presented the colors at the Opening Session.
Percentage of critical points provided an index of the percentage of major and supporting points presented in the lecture that were included in the students' notes.
* Livestock 101: This session will be presented by Holly Martin, editor of High Plains Journal and other industry experts.
Instead, pretrial work must be presented properly in court; jurors must understand witnesses; testimonies must be competent and reliable; and everyone must present the truth.
Player of the Season: Jamie Noon (presented by Rob Andrew, director of rugby).
Ultimately a trial is won or lost by the testimony and the documents that are presented to the jury.
For living taxpayers seeking to use FLPs for discounted gifting, two recent Tax Court cases presented situations in which the court valued discounts to be applied to transferred limited partnership interests.
During the opening ceremony, the colors were presented by the Daphne High ROTC color guard, the Pledge of Allegiance was given by all, and an invocation offered.