prescribe (something) for (someone or something)

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prescribe (something) for (someone or something)

1. To write a prescription of medicine for someone. He prescribed a mild pain sedative for Daniel to help him sleep.
2. To write a prescription of medicine to treat a particular illness, ailment, or disease. Can you prescribe anything for my insomnia?
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prescribe something for someone

to order a medication to be given to or sold to someone. I asked the doctor to prescribe a painkiller for me. What can you prescribe for me for this illness?
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prescribe something for something

to suggest or recommend something for a particular disease. Could you prescribe something for my cold? What can you prescribe for this illness?
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To prescribe, RNs must have had three years' experience in the area in which they will be prescribing, completed a postgraduate diploma in RN prescribing for long-term and common conditions, completed a practicum with an authorised prescribes ie a nurse practitioner or a doctor, and have been assessed as competent by that authorised prescriber.
A recent evaluation of prescribing for inpatients in two specific scenarios (urinary tract infections in patients without indwelling catheters and treatment with intravenous vancomycin) identified that antibiotic use could have been improved in 37% of cases (9).
This Act enables prescribing for two classes of prescriber: authorised prescribers (medical practitioners, nurse practitioners, dentists, optometrists and midwives); and designated prescribers (nurses working in diabetes health, pharmacists and dietitians).
This concept is regulated by Good practice in prescribing and managing medicines and devices of the British Medical chamber that represents the core guidance for drug prescribing for all registered doctors.
In the June 1, 2011 Federal Register, CMS announced changes in the regulations for implementing the penalty phase of the program to encourage electronic prescribing for Medicare patients.
That changes the workflow, because prescribing to a chronically ill person is different from prescribing for a patient who goes to primary care for a one-time prescription.
While most issues that challenge our professional boundaries are either ignored until they ebb away, or are passively managed, the issue of prescribing for psychologists may be an issue that we want to manage more actively.
Earlier this year Health Minister Dr Brian Gibbons supported the introduction of independent prescribing for pharmacists and nurses in Wales.
"These standards will allow Medicare, physicians, hospitals, group practices, other health providers, and prescription drug plan sponsors and Medicare Advantage organizations to take advantage of e-prescribing technology to improve medication prescribing for Medicare beneficiaries that participate in the new prescription drug program," said Mike Leavitt secretary of the Department of Health and Human Services.
A group of health plans in Massachusetts has joined forces to cover the costs of electronic prescribing for physicians interested in integrating the technology into their practices.
The need for a more rational approach to drug prescribing for elderly people in nursing homes.
It may be that there is an argument, for example, for interprofessional education in prescribing for all health professionals.