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prescribe (something) for (someone or something)

1. To write a prescription of medicine for someone. He prescribed a mild pain sedative for Daniel to help him sleep.
2. To write a prescription of medicine to treat a particular illness, ailment, or disease. Can you prescribe anything for my insomnia?
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prescribe something for someone

to order a medication to be given to or sold to someone. I asked the doctor to prescribe a painkiller for me. What can you prescribe for me for this illness?
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prescribe something for something

to suggest or recommend something for a particular disease. Could you prescribe something for my cold? What can you prescribe for this illness?
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Therefore Potentially Inappropriate Prescribing (PIP) is highly prevalent particularly in elderly and is an important concern for patient safety and rational health care services.6 A Potentially Inappropriate Medication (PIM) list is a useful tool for elderly in preventing adverse drug events occurring at prescription stage.
study showed anti-infective drugs prescribing prevalence as 28.6% while Shiv et al.
The most likely scenario that would fit a value-based imperative scaffolded by safety, quality and regulatory requirements, is that of graduate physiotherapists being prepared for prescribing within scope at entry to practice (summarised in Figure 1).
Flurbiprofen and paracetamol are mostly prescribed by most of the physicians and these findings suggest the rational prescribing in dental practice though there is lack of the specific prescribing guidelines.
The drug prescribing from NLEM was fair, creating awareness of essential medicine concept.
Visits for acute respiratory tract infections lead to more inappropriate antibiotic prescribing than visits for any other group of diagnoses.
This Act enables prescribing for two classes of prescriber: authorised prescribers (medical practitioners, nurse practitioners, dentists, optometrists and midwives); and designated prescribers (nurses working in diabetes health, pharmacists and dietitians).
However, Hall et al (2006) suggest that only 50% of health visitors with a V100 qualification prescribe for their clients, and further studies cite evidence of a low level of prescribing activity (While and Biggs, 2004; Thurtle, 2007, Young et al, 2009; Brooks, 2013).
Researchers examined four ambulatory clinics (two internal medicine and two family medicine) in the University of Pennsylvania Health System between June 2011 and September 2012 and evaluated the difference in prescribing behavior for three commonly prescribed classes of medications between family medicine and internal medicine physicians.
[2] The study of prescribing pattern is a component of medical audit that does monitoring and evaluation of the prescribing practice of the prescribers as well as recommends necessary modifications to achieve rational and cost effective medical care.
Officials at the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services said they moved forward with the plan to require physician enrollment after reports that unqualified individuals were prescribing Part D drugs, including some physicians with suspended licenses.
MORE than 90 per cent of 197 submissions have approved proposals to extend prescribing rights to suitably qualified Registered Nurses.
Eslami, your doctor should explain to you if he or she is prescribing a medication off-label and why you may benefit from taking it.