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prescribe (something) for (someone or something)

1. To write a prescription of medicine for someone. He prescribed a mild pain sedative for Daniel to help him sleep.
2. To write a prescription of medicine to treat a particular illness, ailment, or disease. Can you prescribe anything for my insomnia?
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prescribe something for someone

to order a medication to be given to or sold to someone. I asked the doctor to prescribe a painkiller for me. What can you prescribe for me for this illness?
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prescribe something for something

to suggest or recommend something for a particular disease. Could you prescribe something for my cold? What can you prescribe for this illness?
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Department of Agriculture Southern Plains Climate Hub and the Oklahoma Prescribed Burn Association.
The prescribed burn is being conducted to reduce the risk of wildfire spreading to public lands from the bombing range.
In unadjusted logistic regression, prescribed opioids were associated with increased odds of CAP, with the greatest risk observed with currently prescribed opioids, compared with past prescribed opioids or no opioids.
In September 2018, the Humboldt County Prescribed Burn Association conducted a burn at the McBride Ranch near Cape Mendocino in Humboldt County, targeting about 350 acres of coyote brush that had invaded coastal rangelands.
Of the 3,660 people prescribed medication in Leicestershire, 285 people admitted they were not taking it at the start of their treatment -the same as one in every 13 patients.
It covered reimbursed medications prescribed to a set of ambulatory elderly patients (age range = 50-87 years old) who accessed outpatient pharmacy, of a tertiary care hospital, KPK, Pakistan were analyzed.
Majority (55.4%) of the prescriptions had at least one antimicrobial drug prescribed. Multivitamin preparations were prescribed in 19.1% prescriptions.
A retrospective cohort study looked at the incidence of subsequent allergic disease in 792,130 children, 7.6% of whom were prescribed an [H.sub.2]RA, 1.7% were prescribed a PPI, and 16.6% were prescribed an antibiotic during the first 6 months of life.
Estimates suggested that opioids prescribed by dermatologists could lead to 3,877 to 7,602 and 1,825 to 4,209 beneficiaries continuing to use opioids at one and three years, respectively.
They found that the amount of opioids prescribed in the U.S.
In choosing analgesics for mild to severe pain practitioner should consider the analgesic ladder as opioids should be prescribed only in severe pain conditions and mostly in combination therapy.3
All the drugs prescribed were recorded including each drug dosage, route and dosage form, frequency of administration, indication for which the drug was prescribed and duration of therapy.
Health care providers prescribed 262.5 million courses of antibiotics in 2011 (842 prescriptions per 1000 persons), and prescriptions per 1,000 persons vary markedly according to geography (8).
It is undisputed that plaintiff's patient, the assignor herein, initially granted plaintiff the right to bill defendant and receive direct no-fault payments from defendant by executing an "authorization to pay" on a prescribed NF-3 form, and that he executed a prescribed assignment of benefits in favor of plaintiff at a later date.
They conducted a postal study of health visitors and district nurses in three PCTS in south England and found that 56.8% wrote up to one prescription a week; 23% wrote between one to three a week; and 8% had never prescribed since completing their training.