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prescribe (something) for (someone or something)

1. To write a prescription of medicine for someone. He prescribed a mild pain sedative for Daniel to help him sleep.
2. To write a prescription of medicine to treat a particular illness, ailment, or disease. Can you prescribe anything for my insomnia?
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prescribe something for someone

to order a medication to be given to or sold to someone. I asked the doctor to prescribe a painkiller for me. What can you prescribe for me for this illness?
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prescribe something for something

to suggest or recommend something for a particular disease. Could you prescribe something for my cold? What can you prescribe for this illness?
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At the time of print, NANB was awaiting the final approval from Health Canada for NPs in New Brunswick to apply for exemption to prescribe methadone.
Research into nurses' views of prescribing is often about nurses who are already authorised to prescribe, but who may not be prescribing often or at all (for example Carey, Stenner, & Courtney, 2009; Lockwood & Fealy, 2008; Ross & Kettles, 2012).
Talk to other nurse prescribers and observe others -even if they do not prescribe they are conducting consultations all the time and signposting clients to the appropriate agency for treatment, which is an integral part of the prescriber's role.
Primary care doctors were more likely to prescribe the lower-cost option --possibly because they see a wider variety of patients than endocrinologists do, including many who don't have a severe form of diabetes.
Similarly, they prescribe by proxy in clinics where they assess the patient and determine the medicine to be prescribed but the doctor signs the prescription.
* Contain the features needed to support doctors who prescribe for seriously mentally ill patients?
As can be seen, the focus was not on increasing the number of prescribers per se, but increasing the number of clinicians with a combination of specialist mental health skills and the ability to prescribe psychoactive medication.
A nurse prescriber may help you to manage your diabetes or asthma, for example, and will help to make your visit smoother and quicker by being able to prescribe your medicines; or may help you with a prescription, if needed, as part of a minor illness clinic.
Fears were expressed yesterday over the rights of nurses to prescribe complex medicines to patients.
New regulations will enable Alberta pharmacists to prescribe certain drugs and administer some injections.
Despite strenuous efforts to control antimicrobial drug use and promote optimal prescribing, practitioners continue to prescribe excessively; it is estimated that up to 50% of antimicrobial drug use in hospitals is inappropriate (1-3).
Pharmacists on Teesside have welcomed new measures aimed at giving them greater powers to prescribe drugs.
As everyone knows, doctors prescribe medicines and medical procedures for their patients based upon their knowledge of the best scientific evidence available, evidence gleaned from reading unbiased, rigorously researched articles in prestigious medical journals.
Nurses and pharmacists are to be given greater powers to prescribe medicines.
NURSES and pharmacists will soon be able to prescribe a wider range of drugs in efforts to speed up patients' treatment, the Government announced yesterday.
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