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prescribe (something) for (someone or something)

1. To write a prescription of medicine for someone. He prescribed a mild pain sedative for Daniel to help him sleep.
2. To write a prescription of medicine to treat a particular illness, ailment, or disease. Can you prescribe anything for my insomnia?
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prescribe something for someone

to order a medication to be given to or sold to someone. I asked the doctor to prescribe a painkiller for me. What can you prescribe for me for this illness?
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prescribe something for something

to suggest or recommend something for a particular disease. Could you prescribe something for my cold? What can you prescribe for this illness?
See also: prescribe
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To prescribe, RNs must have had three years' experience in the area in which they will be prescribing, completed a postgraduate diploma in RN prescribing for long-term and common conditions, completed a practicum with an authorised prescribes ie a nurse practitioner or a doctor, and have been assessed as competent by that authorised prescriber.
However, Hall et al (2006) suggest that only 50% of health visitors with a V100 qualification prescribe for their clients, and further studies cite evidence of a low level of prescribing activity (While and Biggs, 2004; Thurtle, 2007, Young et al, 2009; Brooks, 2013).
PHILADELPHIA -- Doctors will prescribe fewer brand name drugs and can curb health spending at the same time when an electronic health record (EHR) defaults to show the generics first, according to a research report.
There is great variation in the prescribing legislation of different countries, which results in differences in the types of medications nurses can prescribe and the scope of prescribing privileges.
The inability to prescribe controlled substances electronically is slowing adoption of electronic prescribing, but financial incentives could make it worthwhile for physicians who see patients covered by Medicare to start "e-prescribing" now if they can, a consultant said.
New regulations will enable Alberta pharmacists to prescribe certain drugs and administer some injections.
Despite strenuous efforts to control antimicrobial drug use and promote optimal prescribing, practitioners continue to prescribe excessively; it is estimated that up to 50% of antimicrobial drug use in hospitals is inappropriate (1-3).
As everyone knows, doctors prescribe medicines and medical procedures for their patients based upon their knowledge of the best scientific evidence available, evidence gleaned from reading unbiased, rigorously researched articles in prestigious medical journals.
His Virginia license was restored in 1997, and in 1998 he resumed his practice after the DEA reinstated the registration that allows doctors to prescribe controlled substances.
AM: Your introduction of Gaucho and Prescribe seed-applied insecticides seems to have gone well.
Though our observations continue, it appears that a reduced need for haloperidol is an unanticipated, but welcome, benefit of residency on the Alzheimer's unit, with the unit's residents displaying less of the agitation that would normally prompt a physician to prescribe the drug.
Specialist nurse prescribing would enable nurses with a postgraduate diploma in prescribing, who worked in multidisciplinary teams in speciality services or in general practice, to prescribe for common conditions such as asthma, diabetes and hypertension.
In 2010 about twice as many patient visits to doctors' offices included the opportunity for physicians to access a patient's prescription benefit information and medication history in order to prescribe safer and lower-cost prescriptions.
The journey toward community practitioners being able to prescribe from the Nurse Prescribers' Formulary (NPF) (1) began with a suggestion in the Cumberlege Report.